• Kioko

    Simon Kimutai is very wrong and the government should investigate why the he’s sugggesting the fairs should go up because its in the festive season. We don’t hear of hiking of fairs in the western countries during the festive season approaches especially in the public transport. Kenya need to get rid of matatus sooner than later.

  • Elijahnyangwara

    Kioko,You got it right…public transport…here transportation is in the hands of private investors!

  • Lordymayabi

    Matatu self regulate fares, the government does not do it for them.

  • Nairobiblogger

    The gusto of Atwoli is underutilized this time. Partnership with Matatu operators only in this course is in-exhaustive at best .A broader partnership should be sought .Engage this bull by the horns. A fundamental policy overhaul is needed to remove corruption and inefficiency.PUSH  on. Kenyans are with you.