• Anonymous

    The day that the somali people will enyoy freedom will be cherished by all. They are citizens who have their needs and feelings that have not been met for a long time. My hope is that like minded countries come together to address this burning issue now. Lets all be humane.

  • While i understand that there are many Kenyans who have the heart to feel the suffering of the Somali people, i dont get why it took them so long to respond to the 20 year old crisis in Somalia, it is just not the right time to jump into the situation as you can deteriorate the fragile peace processes and provoke more violence in the war ravaged country. we definitely need your help now in terms of paving way for the humanitarian aid, but we are sick of your intervention in the Somali political turmoil, you tell the UN and the world that you are building TFG for Somalia while creating more divisive elements and more factions among the Somali people. you have other agenda¬† and i am sure that you dont want to see a successful, strong and developed Somalia, you rather see a poor and waring Somalia that is a fact that your ex president said.;

    • mpwani

      Fact is that there are groups benefiting from the anarchy both in Mogadishu and Nairobi’s eastleigh and they will do anything to keep the war on, lets be honest its all about resources even al-shabab let them not give us that religious cause bull crap its all about money. We are all human beings and are saddened by deaths of children, women, elderly people out of treatable ailments its devastating. lets hope peace can be restored and al-shabab must understand that they have no cause at all….. will they derive joy when somalia is a graveyard? who will be the last man standing?