• The effect of the high inflation rates are now beginning to bite the labour market. Lecturers, doctors, KBC workers etc are all demanding salary hikes to keep up with the high cost of living. The scenario is the same in many private companies. The government should urgently tame the sky high inflation as it poses a major threat to the Kenyan economy.

  • DEE

    This is a good fight by journalists, most of whom remain underpaid and in an industry where salary disparities are so huge…. Good story comrade…

  • I worked with you as an intern at KBC about 8 yrs ago. I believe in you and pleased that you are coming out to discuss these issues that make the state broadcaster horrible to watch. You will not only have redress for speaking the truth-nepotism, tribalism, poor pay but also liberate so many who are suffering in silence. Go Lempaa go….

  • Rao

    Shame, Shame again like many other Government departments still in the Stone Age.  Stand a fight for your Rights. Do not be cowed