• what is the government waiting for?we pay taxes so that we can get quality service.the best they can do is pay for it,

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    Can a senior government officer handle this issue? The assistant minister is making a bad situation worse

  • This is a government that has allowed MPs to inflate their salaries, allowances, and other perks at will. It is a government that has failed to control the inflation because they are not affected by it. While doctors and lecturers in this country are doing a commendable job for this country, these are the people who are least paid; not even taking into account the many years of hard work these people have put into their careers! Yet, we can afford to feed some MPs (most of whom are illiterate) like small puppies with so much that even MPs in the developed countries cannot afford to earn. The people of Kenya must not wait until this strike of the doctors starts taking a great tall on their families and loved ones – this is the time to show solidarity with the striking doctors. This is the time to join the doctors in the streets and ask the government to resign. Kenyans are tied of being taken in circles by a bunch of corrupt individuals whose every footprint smells of corruption. This country can still be governed by a caretaker committee to resolve all the outstanding existential questions about the constitution and how the elections should be done in an orderly manner devoid of the proposed bundling. It’s upto us the people of Kenya, if we stand aside thinking that this strike is not going to affect us. We have to join the doctors now!