• Medstudent

    The good assistant Minister has not been to a public hospital lately. Then he’d understand why money is but a fraction of the doctors complaints. Kindly ask him to read the proposal as provided on this link (although I’m sure he has a hard copy gathering dust somewhere in his office- delivered between 13 months and 1 week ago) : http://kmpdu.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=129:kmpdu-proposals&catid=1:latest-news

    • Guest

      I’m also a med student & I have read the proposal. The media is attempting to lie to the public that all the Docs want is better pay. We want to provide quality health care, Anyang Nyongó is a BIG JOKE. This government is a BIG JOKE. And please media like Capital, Nation, KBC etc, stop lying. The strike is still on, KMPDU is a legal unit & what we want is a better way to offer health care, it’s not about money only!!!
      Read that proposal and correct me if I’m wrong.

  • Isaacwamae

    As a very concerned Kenyan i have been hearing things like we train 250 doctors every year but 600 leave the country because they earn less than nurses in the private sector. The government must retain it’s workforce and even encourage doctors to emigrate here to fill our deficits. My mother lives in the rural area. She has diabetes and requires constant medical attention. I have tried to have her managed at the more affordable health centres which are staffed by clinical officers and nurses but they are only trained to manage basic diseases and to continue medical care prescribed by a doctor. I must buy medicines privately, pay for tests privately and if i am hard pressed then my mother suffers. Kenyan doctors deserve respect. The assistant minister is lying to kenyans. Dr Khalwale proved that the ‘offer’ was actually being used to pay debts that the government has with the University rather than to the doctors themselves. Pay doctors well or they will all leave and never look back.

  • Anonymous

    This is a government that has got its priorities wrong. Must it force tax payers to maintain a bloated, good for nothing cabinet at the expense of other things? To date we have not been told how MPs and ministers cleared their tax arrears. Our political leaders earn more than what political leaders from developed countries earn – would it not be fair to pay our professionals like their counterparts in developed countries?

  • Wilkevo

    being in my final year of med skul,this is so very justified,members of parliament raise their salaries at will and they do nothing at all in parliament but sleep and argue like kids,while doctors had to sweat their asses out at med skul and as doctors,they do too much work which sometimes could expose them to occupational hazards like hiv and other infectious diseases and rarely have time to spend with their families

    • Guest

      I ask many people are Doctors not human? Can they not contract diseases? If 1 patient comes in who is terribly ill & a health risk to the Doctor & other health care workers, what about the hundreds they see in a week? Surely, how can a Doctors medical cover/allowance be 1500 shillings, after all they are exposed to? That is inhuman. 1500 is not enough for consultation in most private hospitals. God help us!!!

  • frustrated

    The ‘honourable’ assistant minister is not being honest when he says that the goverment has set aside 1.3 billion to pay doctors extra allowances. Dr. Khalwale proved that the money being offered is not for the doctors but money the ministry had set aside to pay mortuary attendants and the universities. the doctors are justified in wanting better pay for the services they offer 24 hours a day seven days a week.

  • Lisak

    Doctors are human beings just like others that means they need money for food,clothing, shelter ,to take their children to good schools. Is it fair to ignore their requests by saying that its a calling? All kenyans except MPs pay tax. its time for us as kenyans to demand better utilization of our taxes. to improve health facilities all over kenya and also pay care health care workers well thats the minimum we deserve from the goverment.

  • Macabre

    As an aspiring MD to be, I support the Kenyan MD’s in their quest for better health care delivery to the Citizens of our republic. While these retards in parliament, i.e. the dishonorable MP’s as we know them, have on several occassions fleeced the taxpayers through power abuse, neglecting health care in Kenya is plain stupid and primitive so to speak. When the same lawmakers get ill, they are quick to run outside Kenya for treatment (perhaps using stolen funds from taxpayers).
    And that vision 2030 will never come to see light with Kenyan leaders foolishness and avoidance to put the country’s socioeconomics in order. When we hear and talk about brain drains, this is a perfect example. Lots of MD grads will and should leave kenya for other countries that respect hard work over handouts. Stupid leaders.