• Len

    We told you so…. Mutula’s pretext of amending the elections date was just the opening salve at mutilating the constitution. What we need is a national referendum to bar Parliament from amending any part of the the constitution without an accompanying ratification of such amendments in a referendum or during the following general elections. It might make it difficult to amend it, as it should be, but it still allows parliament to make subsidiary laws as required. The constitution must be sacrosanct!

  • I wonder who advices this ndaragwa man. Kioni you must read the moods of the people. The issue is a real one yes, but this is the wrong time to bring it up. and especially when most of you in parliament are populists.

  • There is a worrying trend of conformism sweeping Kenya which is very dangerous.The constitution is not a sacred document and has a lot of inconsistencies and inapplicable laws which need to be amended.What is the work of the Senate?Do we just pay idle people because the constitution says so? BAD law is NO law.Mr Kioni is realistic.Lets us discuss the pro and cons of this amendment instead of talking about “mutilating the constitution”.

  • Gitau Martin

    We the people of Kenya should stand against this non reformist who are intent in destroying the gains we have made, we read the constitution last year and we were happy with it…..and remember the same politicians describing it as the best in the world…so why now the sudden change of heart. Let us resist these changes that are aimed at benefiting a few people, and I agree with mungatana if kioni feels it will be too expensive then slash salaries for mps

  • Mazzdark

    Yaani this Jeremiah Kioni thinks he can decide for Kenyans what to think – this overreaching arrogance must surely be the last kicks of a dying tribal horse……

    • Mazzdark

      And in saying that, however, one thing i know about this Jeremiah Kioni and his PNU cohorts is the love of empty bombastic talk…there will be nothing to this one, wait and see

  • Oloofrank

    One wonders whether some of these honorable members even took time to read the constitution, no wonder many of them were fence sitting during the constitutional referendum. It is sinister to have some of the MPs so bent on making amendments yet they are the same ones cannot meet the constitutional deadlines for passing crucial bills that would make the constitution even more robust, i am beginning to think that as Kenyans we should not allow the current crop of pretenders (read MPs) to change even an iota in the constitution

  • cathy

    so kenya can afford to find funds to have a senate come next year but yet somehow there is no money to pay doctors??????? and what is the role of a senate that a MP can not do.