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  1. Umma hawo kabisa!!! May i repeat my suggestion to the honourable chief Justice to create a Judiciary Marshalls Service to enforce Court Orders and apprehend those who disobey lawful judicial procedures.

  2. this is the cj we want not images like prof ag,and dpp arrest bashir or we kenyans will arrest him together kenya moja  ‘operation bashir shikwe’

  3. That’s what’s up! Nuff said.Kenya is bigger than Wetangula, his balls, and all those Al-Bashir boyfriends fleecing taxpayers hard earned shilling while they are unwilling and are plainly dumb to protect our constitution. Hawa ni Wasaliti kabisaaaa!!

  4. Danger is looming in Kenya.  A new constitution has caused beginning of untold conflicts destrutction and death in a good numuber of countries as too many people have too much power. There are flaws in the new Kenya constitution that need addressing that were put there by enemies of Kenya who are among its leaders.  God forbid that Kenya goes the way some are taking it – it is dangerous!!!!! 

  5. i love your speech and lets not bend the law for the goodness of few election on the 2nd had of aug that is our wish and wanachi of this beloved kenya

  6. You guys must know that we need no wars…. these are war signs and i hope that kenyans have already suffered so much.. can someone try to go near a sitting president… Njeri kabeberi? una watoto? maybe you don’t know what you are saying…  the challenge of leaving our nation on the hands of activists… we need to go slow we reach or we rush we crush.

    1. Captain Njoroge wa Njeri; kwani those who fought for independance and others died for Kenya’s constitution didnt know that Wa Njeri would need children? It may now be you turn. All those years of child bearing! you must be having enough children.

  7. I don’t agree with CJ, he is behaving like the activist.   It is not our business to arrest al-Bashir or any other person (least of all a sitting president) “guilty’ according to ICC.  Why don’t ICC themselves arrest him themselves.  These rights groups make noise to please their western masters, remember also when Bush visited Zambia.  We have done enough to stabilize Sudan and the world should give a great commendation to Kenya for this, and not push us to do their dirty work.  We would suffer greatly if Sudan goes back to instability as had been for many tears, and arresting al Bashir is the surest way to do that; and it seems the stupid judges like Ombija don’t see this!

    1. You do not need to use bad language as ‘stupid’, I believe that we can give different opinion without abuses. Article 2 (4) and (5) are clear on what forms part of our laws. POLE SANA kwa Al-Bashir, we will respect our courts’ rulings.

    2. Reactionaries are everywhere using the word “Activist’ to try imply something very bad…well it is not…our gains as a Nation would never have been without these Activists that champions of the status quo like to villify. Walter the language you use shows you are on the wrong side of history…WAKE UP!!

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