• Mazzdark

    Make all your noise, but if you show your face here we are making a citizens’ arrest on your ass, punk….ati sanctions!!!

  • Our courts do not seem to be independent from activism and NGOs. If they claim they want independence, they should exercise independence from ALL parties and act in best interest of KENYA not ICC or ICJ. Judges need to be WISE and not follow everything blindly!! If sudan actually implemented these raft of measures wd the Kenyans who rely on tea and the 1000 kenyans in Sudan go to the CJ’s house to eat? NKT, here am with the Gov’t.

  • shut up wetangula just shut up!!!

    • Oloitiptip shame on you may be you are one of them ahahah!! you will see them at the Hague soon for war crime in Sudan.  

    • you are the one to shut up… wetangula is doing his job as a minister of foreign affairs…

      • Delicious

        Yeah, a very lousy job! Olo I agree, he really needs to shut up…especially after Bashir’s statement today which basically rubbishes wetangula & co’s  ‘good’ work. Kenyans warned them-don’t fight the ruling, respect the law…Now what will wetangula do/say? Because for sure, the Judiciary will not change that ruling. Talk about embarrassing!

  • mkenyamvilivu

    mazzdark,i’ll be there with sisal cos this sucker doesn’t even deserve the city council handcuffs.

  • Anonymous

    Don’t worry folks, the babysitters of Bashir have less than one year then the “Wanted Fugitive” posters get pasted back…

  • Elijahnyangwara

    Well…You cannot arrest a sitting head of state,but we are a signatory to the Rome statutes!
    So it depends on where you sit..its a matter of time president Bashir,If you are innocent why wait for a warrant?
    The next government or /state might not be so kind,especially where you do not share a common boarder…

  • Jeseefreebella

    How can we claim we are a sovereign state yet we are open to be blackmailed for 200 million shillings? If 1000 Kenyans are to loose their jobs, why are we so concerned about them and not the hundreds probably thousands who have been displaced and lost income due to this governments demolishing their property? Is our constitution worth a mere 200 million shillings?

    • Your argument doesn’t make sense, how can we claim we are a sovereign state if we go by whims of ICC. How many Kenyans has Bashir killed? Pls lets not argue abt this human rights BS, at the end of the day we need Sudan more than we need ICC. Have u ever tried to obtain a visa to go anywhere in Europe? Why would we want to get into a fight we are not involved in, wisdom my frd is key thats why we need JUDGES o’wise if they are just going to tell us what the law says we do not need them and their opinions.

      • Concerned Citizen

        You raise an important point but if you watch a documentary on Darfur you might change your opinion.  About the VISA thing, you may want to ask yourself what is important, people or VISA’s? My guess is that protection of life is ultimate.  If we continue turning a blind eye to the atrocities happening elsewhere, someone will decide that you do not deserve to live as well.  Who will rescue you then?  With everyone turning a blind eye on you?  Watch a documentary on Darfur my friend then you make a comment.

        • have you sorted you indoor problems…? mmeshindwa kufagia uchafu wa kwenu mnaenda kufagia kwa wenyewe… obinja has personality issues and wisdom is important.. ICC can arrest him at its own wish and will. By the way, icj is just but a group of activists… singing the tune of the west.. can they go to court on behalf of idps and other poor kenyans… to hell with them…

          • Delicious

            You have guts! How do you paste your face after such a comment???!!!

  • Anonymous

    A picture speaks volumes, “A Christian bowing to a Muslim”

  • Bashir need force, and Mohamed Hussien his defence to capture them to bring to ICC, at the Hague I hope will be real because they don’t believe it thanks.

  • Cipa1712

    What have Kenyans to gain by arresting Bashir?   There is more than meets the eye about the judge who delivered this – could he be under influence of any leader in Kenya and could this have been a trap?  Kenyans should remember that Bashir has huge support in Sudan and do not think Kenya can arrest their leader and there ever be peace between the two countries again.  Just who to the Kenyans who support Bashir’s arrest think they are?  Remove the logs in your eyes first? 

  • Walter

    Good job Wetangula,  that judge Ombija has serious personal problems (we read in the papers), and judiciary independence should not be used to damage relations with neighbours.  Diplomacy is very important.  Remember those who filed this case; the ICJ they don’t care about Kenya but are puppets of Western nations.

  • HotPotato

    Upuzi kabisa..eti we depend on Sudan. Gitu gani Sudan? If Barshir  committed a crime, let him face the law. Soon even the past and sitting presidents will be answerable to the crime commited during their time especially in Africa where impunity has been thriving. . Our STATE-KENYA is getting there sooner than later. People should be resiponsible for their actions.

    Wentangula, you’re in line too..remember the embassy saga in Japan? Be prepared my man. A new wave of leadership is about to be born( in the next 112 months). Watch this space my dear brothers.

    My concern is the fellow Kenayns who can not afford, basic things. No food, no nguo, no….and people waste public money running useless errands..to Sudan, Washington, South Africa etc.

    Useless Executive wing of Government…Bure tena. Kabisa useless.


  • Kenya should be careful, if ICC wants to arrest someone they can do so on their own. Besides, have we been able to arrest our own crooks and leaders of today who have riffed us off!. I makes sense not to appear to be only good and democratic when our own are swimming in corruption and nothing has been done. Some of these NGOs are just in to cash in money from West NKT.

  • Lucas

    Now that ‘kigeugeu’ Wetangula has punked out, let Bashir come to Kenya and see what happens……to be continued by mid 2012.

  • Anantpanchmatia

    If the government of Kenya decides to not make the mistake of arresting this Butcher ,then we the citizen
    will not do the same.