• Eritrawi

    I wonder why world leaders are blinded to object why Eritrean president is not allowed to adress his case in fron of them??? and for how long is this world gonna be baised by the american politicinas???

  • Peace

    what I see here is the United Nation does what the United State wanted it to do. They might as well change the name from United Nation (UN) to United State (US). I don’t see any law here, it only matters what the USA wanted. The USA is know for twisting and brabing poor nations to do whatever they want, the USA is losing the moral ground in the world now. The fact is out there for anyone to see.  

  • Delinatesfa

    It is really sad to see a super power nation going after a developing country that said NO to food aid. 

  • FreeWill

    Shameful. The same plot where Ethiopia (bombed itself) according to wikileaks. How the lies just keep mounting.  The Truth will Prevail. Susan Rice is a Terrorist.

  • Denni

    Them Negro lady hate their own skin color. Miss Susan is known to be hater of African people for the reason that the slave trade was accepted by a Klan leaders in Africa. My Eritrean friends just stay United to challenge evil act of the western country.   A boy from Kenyan

  • Semhar


  • Tomas

    I don’t understand it; the west want to colonies Africa
    again in this century. Eritrea is becoming a land of mines and the USA needs
    their share out of it; it just like this you allow our companies in or we will
    show you our mussel. Shame on you African leaders, you sale your dignity for
    few dollars, better make a history and say no to modern colonization like

  • Rascakhile

    Eritrea is a terrorist country and responsibile for hundred of deaths in the horn. Must be punished and isayas must be charged for supporting a terrorist group

    • Truth

      My Friend think twice before you open your big mouth, this accusation is all lie, go and ask your leaders to provide evidence, they don’t have one !!

    • USA=UN a joke of century


      …I don’t like to discriminate but it would be interesting to know ur origin…never the less. 

      the new generation of 5 to 6 years old child would challenge u and the countries with this agenda…
      this tit tat actually shows the weakness of the individual leader/fools who couldn’t challenge the strong ability of the Eritrean leadership”the power house”, and Eritrea’s policy in Somalia and the Horn of Africa. 

      the 5 or 6 years old would ask…where i ur proof…there is nothing u moron its all made up…it a chicken game of weak leaders who tried every thing and gave up when they try to find crack in to the marble Eritrea. 

      its fun
      …wiklik have exposed the the same old story of Ethiopia who set them self by bomb or what ever and point the finger at Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea…the 5 year old would say what that is a joke. Its sad but the future of the young Africans it demolished by the fool LEADERS of today.

      …u said hundred deaths…fun that…there are millions deaths of hunger…only due to the lack of leadership…ow of course point the finger to Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea

      …u said supporting a terrorist group…Eritrea was the first to challenge terrorist… actually when the USA was supporting them…if ur referring to the Somalia fighters the once=leaders=countries who created them should be charged…u nt fool enough to not know why the terrorist group ur referring to was created… 

      …the so called UNSC=USA refused the President of Eritrean H.E. Isayas was to speak before them…i guess after all they don’t have any proof….what a joke…IT MUST BE JEALOUSY  

      I say the Horn of Africa anthem is Eritrea Eritrea Eritrea…keep singing coz the Eritrean ppl will not be bothered as they r busy…not warming their seats like the once pointing finger at us 

    • USA=UN a joke of the century
  • Oooooo

    The world should not forget, the motto for the eritreans is NEVER KNEEL DOWN they have never done it and they are  not about to do it now. Imposing sanctions on nations that don’t kiss up to the powerful is not new. What is sad and shameful is, this are the same people who preach democracy to the world. If the world body is really interested in finding out the truth about eritrea and the alleged failed plot to bomb the african despots in addis abeba or the alleged aid to the al shebab, they must first conduct a clean, creadable and independent investigation to see who the real culprit is. The united states diplomts in addis abeba at the time of the alleged plot believed it was the minority genocidal regime in ethiopia who was bombing its own people and blaming it on the eritreans and its own domestic freedom fighters. Yet, this fact was ignored to satsfay the misguided united states horn africa policy. Sanction or no sanction the eritreans will march and will be in control of their own destine. 

  • Semered

     Let the mad man listen to other voices not to his disturbed soul. He shouldnot be allowed to get away  jailing my brothers and sisters.As for the poodles shame on you bunch of racist  leave Susan alone. You think you are God YEKAAALO is only almightly God not the wicked Tembenai monster.His fate is just like Gadafi he will end in Maybela

    • eritrawi

      semered sham on you. you better think about your mother land, your people, instead of pointing at one person. Isaias is a person who has and still been struggling for his people and the nation in general. like you he never tought about his mother, brothers and sisters. so think twice your nation and your people’s fate is a cross way. bless you

    • Vilja004

      you wish, you blood thirst bastard!

    • USA=UN a joke of the century


      …this action doesn’t affect one person or two …it affects every one for generations to come…u never know what their intention is…certainly its not because of Somalia or bomb plot etc etc, even a child know this is not the case at ALL…its some thing that they plan to achieve in long term (do u thing u will be a better of with their plan..if ur then ur a fool…c what they have to the places they land their foot on)…back to history what it has cost Eritrea the action of USA in the 50s…don’t be narrow minded…like the many moron African individuals…unless ur a moron urself. Do u think Eritrea deliver weapons to Alshabab as the new puppet Kenyan LEADERS have been shooting recently…not at all…u may say why…think about the Africom command (the military wing of USA in Africa) they hv full monitoring scheme in Horn of Africa they can see any thing…I would be very surprised if they just seat and see plane fly from Eritrea to Somalia and deliver what thy have claimed…:) its a JOKE or dirty politics…think of how many African countries are not under the new version of colonialism…now like location location location…its oil/energy oil/energy oil/energy…and if u have one or ur an example to others in anyway ur are directly a victim…it just piss’s me off how blind are the Africa leaders and some ppl. Semered I am not arguing ur personal concern but try to see a little out of the square…it obvious though morons can think out of the square…sad u wish Eritrea to be like Libya…u have no idea what will happen to Libya from now on wards…the good thing is Eritrea has survived the ill will any sort of things from individuals and countries but the stick of true still survives and it shall for the many years to come…i hope ur not set or rather brain washed by the enemies of Eritrea…

      to Saimon

      My apology the reply was mean to Semered not to u brother.

  • Saimon

    Is it sad that the World’s supreme body can be pushed around so much so that it is being used as a tool to advance and accommodate the evil agenda of some vengeful individuals like Susan Rice.  What is even heartbreaking is that an African country, Gabon, is shamelessly serving the interest of others by attacking an African nation.  Is it any wonder that Africa is in such mess.  Shame on them.


    • USA=UN a joke of century


      …this action doesn’t affect one person or two …it affects every one for generations to come…u never know what their intention is…certainly its not because of Somalia or bomb plot etc etc, even a child know this is not the case at ALL…its some thing that they plan to achieve in long term (do u thing u will be a better of with their plan..if ur then ur a fool…c what they have to the places they land their foot on)…back to history what it has cost Eritrea the action of USA in the 50s…don’t be narrow minded…like the many moron African individuals…unless ur a moron urself. Do u think Eritrea deliver weapons to Alshabab as the new puppet Kenyan LEADERS have been shooting recently…not at all…u may say why…think about the Africom command (the military wing of USA in Africa) they hv full monitoring scheme in Horn of Africa they can see any thing…I would be very surprised if they just seat and see plane fly from Eritrea to Somalia and deliver what thy have claimed…:) its a JOKE or dirty politics…think of how many African countries are not under the new version of colonialism…now like location location location…its oil/energy oil/energy oil/energy…and if u have one or ur an example to others in anyway ur are directly a victim…it just piss’s me off how blind are the Africa leaders and some ppl. Saimon I am not arguing ur personal concern but try to see a little out of the square….  cheers!

  • Akabraha

    What a charade, What a shame and what a
    sham !!!! Ultimately, Mr. Obama is responsible for all this. I use
    to think the west was to smart to outright lie and falsify the truth
    … I always believed this was a trait of a communist countries and
    ruthless dictators !

    Susan rice remind of the bully in my
    elementary and high school !!!

    It is amazing to see how a super power
    so rich and so advanced would go this far to quell the truth.. It is
    becoming so ridiculous to see the US so worked out on Eritrea. It is
    becoming beyond comprehensible to understand their hatred which
    started sometime in 1948 and continued to this day !!!! hundred of
    thousand of Eritrean suffered, dies, starved, maimed over the last
    50 years because of US policy !

    Why are they so afraid of Eritrea ! Are
    we this scary… the last I checked Eritrean were nice peaceful
    people ….

    May be there is more than just Gold
    under the soil of Eritrea that America wants so bad that they shame
    themselves to this point….  

  • Akim Odinga

    Some  compare Susan Rice to a hybrid of a dog and a wolf or a monster which resulted from a union between a KKK redneck and a poor African woman enslaved centuries ago.

  • Fiseha

    It is really sad punishing and scapegoat Eritrea to cover your own failure in Somalia in
    front the whole world.   Sanctioning
    Eritrea is not going to
    solve Somalia’s
    problem that was complicated by outsider’s interferences.  Let’s the Somalia people handle their own
    fate.  US, Ethiopia,
    Kenya, Uganda and Djibouti
    stay meddling in Somalia’s
    affairs.  Eritrea is saying let the Somalis
    solve their own problem, you are hurting them. 
    does not deserve to be sanctioned for telling the truth.  Eritrea
    refuses to join the group of evil to kill innocent Somalia peop

    • Mazzdark

      By supporting Al Shabab you join the group of evil to kill innocent people

      • guest

        No one has so far provided a sherd of evidence other than allegations, one  after another … we live in the 31st century, with all the technology available today clear and tamper proof evidences can be provided. I am a technologist and this is not difficult to do… But so far, not has been provided yet !!!!
        For God sake, there is over 3000 american soldiers stationed in Djibouti monitoring everything that is going on in the horn of africa…. And all they can provide so far is just some misterious  ( fantom) eritrean planes dropped load of ammunition in Somalia … Where is the proof…
        Kenya, Ethiopia, Burundi and Uganda soldiers are actually in Somalia killing people on daily basis and somehow it is Eritrea ‘s fault…..  pure desperation…. everybody knows you can’t win in Somalia, Somalis are a tough and dedicated fighters … I wish good luck to those who think they can win…. expect a lot of body bags to be return home. So Far only Eritrea is the only nation who did not received body bags returning home… That says a lot on who is interfering !!

        • Hadendewa

          A good response to those who actually believe Rice and co’s cooked-up allegation of Eritrea’s involvement with Alshabab without a shred of solid evidence. As a technologist, you know that creating  falsified documents to push an agenda shouldn’t be that difficult at this day in age. We’ve seen it in Iraq where a war was waged under a falsified and fake documents that the country possessed WMD.
          Can you imagine the latest accusation by Kenya claiming that Eritrea delivered 3 planes of loaded arms to Alshaba. Eritrea’s policy of noninterference aside, how is it conceivable that a small nation who is already illegaly sanctioned manage to accomplish such task, bypassing all the US and French highly sophisticated radar system  monitoring all movements in the region from Djibouti, Ethiopia 7/24/365? This is an insult to one’s intelligence.

      • Zed100t

        stupied eritrea need peace all over the world

  • Berhane A

    What Susan Ricen doen not  understand is that The Leaders of Eritrea DO-NOT HAVE A SLAVE MENTALITY!
    What would Dr. King think of Susan Rice?

    • KENYA

      You are very racist. Do not forget though that you had been the very slave of the Italians for decades. Your grandpas used to go to as far as Libya, as slaves, to die on the order of their fascist Italian slave masters.

      • Ab

        but we are able to liberate ourselves from the slavery mentality…. That is the point….. and the difficult part to do… Eritrean succeded to liberate themselves … many like susan rice haven’t yet…

  • I swear, USA as a nation has gone insane!  Eritrea stance on Somalia, and the general area as whole, has been the same for the past 20 years:

     – The issue in Somalia can only be solved by Somalis (all inclusive).  Outsiders shouldn’t interfere in Somalia’s internal conflicts.
     -Somalia’s conflict can only be solved by peaceful means through negotiations.
    The Western countries condemnation of nations and peoples on baseless claims really shows the desperation and moral deterioration it has befallen them.   So much pain and suffering they are inflicting in all corner of the world they touch is just plain scary.  They bring all these false accusations against Eritrea and they will not even let them defend their execution??  I mean, where the hell is justice!  Russia and China, please rise to the top quickly, otherwise these crazy bullies in the west will burn the whole earth!

  • Zula

    UNCR has been terrorizing the world and has to be dismantled. Susan Rice ought to be a daughter of Hitler to have the courage to terrorize Eritrea.

  • Erik Barton

    For more than 10 years now, Eritrea has been surviving all kinds of hardships on its own. If the U.S. gates its way of punishing Eritrea through sanctions, then the Eritrean people will have more cause to rally behind their government and do every thing they can to help the government move on in handling the countrys local affairs.
    Every Eritrean realizes there is a problem with how the gov runs its business. However, it will be unpatriotic for a true Eritrean to take this difficult time as an opportunity to oppose its government.
    As long as the government is capable of mobilizing the country effectively agains foreign interference, the local population does not care about what the UN or U.S is ploting against the politicians. The Eritreans are aware of history on how the U.S. and the U.N let them down 50 years ago from achieving their independence. They fought for 30 years afterwards to win their independence and they are well prepared to face any sanction by the U.N and the U.S as long as it takes.
    These are very proud people, that can do miracles if they are left alone.

    • Viva Eritrea

      Erik You do seem to have profound knowledge of Eritrea&Erreanism.but I would like to remind you that ther is not even a single opposition that pareils the GoE. Despite it could not implement its basic stances and development projects as aresult of the US machinations along with its puppets to arrest the development of Eritrea.

  • Sl

    As an Eritrean I would just forget the UN and keep on doing what has to be done in Eritrea. We donot need anything from the USA and its servant countries

  • UNSC Please don,t repeat the same mistakes hurting Eritrea; the only African country trying to be self supporting
    without outside help; without coruption; no street crime; even the Presedent doesn,t own private property and account in his country and else where!!
    All Eritrean are strugling the daily life from hand to mouth without charity from the rich countries to the better future.
    Instead of taking Eritrea as an example to the rest of the countries who are getting a big help and let their
    people to suffer poverty and hunger, why try to punish such a unique Nation at the time the whole World is affected with Crisis!!

    Please avoid any Sanction for nations in Africa and Elsewhere who are trying to strugle the difficult time!!

  • Oloofrank

    My two cents on this matter are i) that sanctions will hurt the citizens more than it will hurt the leadership of Eritrea so any punitive action should ensure that the livelihoods of the Eritrean citizenry is upheld ii) Eritrea needs other African countries, the diplomatic spat with Kenya is not any helpful, I am sure the two countries would have sorted out the issue between them rather than forwarding it to UNSC. And finally, let’s keep hatred and insults out of such blogs.

    • Simon


      The diplomatic spat between the two countries is caused by no other than Kenya.  The leaders of Kenya are insulting the intelligence of the average person in claiming that Eritrea has supplied not one, but three full plane load of weapons to Al Shabab, crossing the air spaces of third countries and avoiding the detection of the ever present US drones.  Couldn’t they be a bit economical with their outragious claims?  Kenya went too far in desrespecting Eritrea and if I was a leader of Eritrea, I would have told them where to go.  Eritrea has been extremely patient in trying to reason with the leaders of Kenya.  The leaders of Kenya should work for the betterment of Kenya and Africans and not serve other forces. 

    • Havatar2009

      The government of Eritrea has imposed sanction on its people so why do you think this sanction will hurt the people…. 

  • Viva Eritrea

    Please tell me someone if the  security council is meant to be turmoil council and if the United Nations has formally changed its name to united states. Its not surprising to see african marionette leaders who serve the interest of the west at the cost of the lifes of their people, But i am really surprised to see the stupid and inane ambassador rice, A lady with a smattering knowledge, trying to use a political agenda as means of get even for her personal grudge.

  • Detan

    Susan Rice is half Jewish and is married to a Jew, what do you get from someone who does not have feeling for humanbeing, she is working for the Jews and kill Africans for the money……….

  • Africa_Eritrea

    go singe this petition on: dehai.org

    This about Eirtrean Poeple!!!!. not the leadership or personal things

    we petition the obama administration to:

    block the push to strengthen existing sanctions and to lift the sanctions that were imposed on Eritrea

    We are outraged that your ambassador at the UN is pushing the
    Security Council to place more sanctions against the people of Eritrea.
    This latest call for sanctions, like the one in 2009 doesn’t serve US
    national interest and it will not bring peace to the war ravaged Horn
    of Africa.
    We believe the solution is on constructive engagement
    and not in scapegoating or isolating Eritrea. That is why we strongly
    urge your administration block the push to strengthen existing sanctions
    and to lift the sanctions that were imposed on this young nation. We
    also urge you to push Ethiopia to implement the final and binding
    demarcation decision of the Eritrea-Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC)
    without preconditions or further delay.

  • Maadomereb

    What is so  preposterous about all the accusations against Eritrea is the extent to which  fabrication and falsification of data can be perfectly  acceptable to Mrs Rice and therefore to the  UNSC.  In reality the accusation is meaningless. This is because what we have here is the  same argument  Anthony Flew’s espouses in his short paper entitled ‘Theology and Falsification’. He argues that since as a matter of principle the existence of ‘God’ cannot be falsified  ‘God’ exists. So ought the false accusation against Eritreanot not be  falsified.This means the claims cannot and are not meant to be verified. Peroid! This is where the UN system has come to. And the real victims here are  the Eritrean people and the credibility of the UN system. If falsehood and and sinsiter manipulation can be employed with impunity, then the wolrd community has only itself to blame. A stop must be made to this injustice.


  • We had to pay tax to send our gradfather (a war vetran!) back to be buried in Eritrea, and pay additional tax for us to attend funeral.

    Allowing these blood suckers in Asmara to continue forced collection (extortion) of money from Eritreans living abroad, holding our families hostage in Eritrea, is a typical example of useless UN.

    • Maadomereb

      Bob Smith a real Eritrean? Do you have chiildren? If so , is untruthfulness what you would them to inherit from you as a father? Please be honest and sensible? 

  • Wan

    I agree sanctions may hurt harder to poor citizens, but then, with all the disaster the president created, he should face the same treatment as his brother Gaddafi.
    All the UN need to consider is, how many young Eritreans dying and still fleeing the country risking their life and how many Eritreans still living in horrible situations in Sudan, Egypt, Kenya, Libya and in Israel, just because of this ignorant stupid dictator Issaias. He picked fight with all neighboring nations, which leads to economic disaster.
    The only people supporting him are ignorant and illiterate dogs… Blind; who can’t see what is happening to their brothers and sisters while being tortured…
    GET RID OF THIS STUPID DICTATOR and stop saying Never kneel down, you are already on your knees eating dirt… I can’t believe we still have bunch of stupid Eritreans! Shame on you!! 

    • Oooooo

      Real Knowledge is to know the extent of one’s ignorance.

       It is obvious that you don’t have a grasp of what is happening in the world and the horn of Africa in particular. Apparently you have been on your knees all your life that you don’t know that you can say never and actually succeed. While i understand it might be ignorance on your part, i also want to remind you ignorance is not an excuse. Eriterians have achieved the impossible by defeating successive governments supported by superpowers simply because they said NEVER KNEEL DOWN and mobilized their meager resources.  Your palpable scorn and envy for the Eritrean success is indicative of your crab mentality. I suggest you read and understand the real history of the horn of Africa and its relationships with your colonial masters. Instead of parroting what you read and heard from the main stream media which is nothing more than a propaganda tool for your colonial masters. Meanwhile Eritreans will continue building their nation and making history while you are on your knees looking with envy.

    • USA=UN a joke of the century


      to me ppl like u r the blind illiterate mad dog…should know the root cause of the problem that ur refering to (the young every where)…its the long term achievement of the enemies work…do u bloody still think it was Ethiopia idea to invade Eritrea in 1997/1998…

      The enemies of Africa/Eritrea not Ethiopia except the puppet leader have and are working day and night to colonies Africa…Eritrea oppose that and that’s the main reason the drama in the making about Eritrea…

      …the enemies couldn’t succeed any way…tried so many ways infusing the Eritrean youth…tried doing stupid things through the sea…etc etc etc. they used brain washed Eritreans may be ppl like urself

      Their childish drama in the UNSC=USA (as Susan see it) is the result of their failure in any things they tried to dis-stablise  Eritrea.

      I don’t know in what kind of cave u live or how well brain washed ur…calling ur own ppl stupid. 

      just see things about Africom and recent publications about it…may be then u will start to see the big picture…hopefully

      I could say more but never mine…

  • Hadendewa

    Caught Red-Handed!!
    Rice to Gabon: “Let’s get the UNSC members endorse the resolution before Dec. 1st, you know, before Russia resides over”
    Gabon: ” What a splendid idea Master!”
    Russia & China: ” why the rush?, We ain’t signing it today and until the president of Eritrea have a say about it”
    Rice in a more threatning manner: ” we will see if he (meaning President Isaias) will be issued visa or not”

    Susan Rice has crossed the line. As if the damage she had inflicted in 2009, on christmas eve, on the bases of falsified reports and fake documents isn’t bad enough, she is once again conspiring with another African country to punish Eritrea, the only country in the region known for its enormous peace and stability. Since Ms. Rice is acting and behaving as if UNSC forum is her grandparent’s backyard where she can decide who is invited in who is not, I totally have lost respect for her.
    As for Gabon, I wish the country cleanup its own mess before drafting a sanction against a nation it obviously know little and one she can learn from a great deal.

  • Agheabre

    Why the United States and their puppet are so afraid to let
    Eritrean President Mr. Afeworki present his country’s case against all the allegations.   

    I am wondering where is the so cold democracy in the UN .

    “We still think it’s redundant and likely counterproductive
    to have a spectacle in the Security Council in which heads of state make
    emotional statements,” Rice told reporters as she emerged from the talks.

    Sounds like bullying to me.

  • Ethiopian

    Well why all these mess by the US in the United Nations. by the way what do you expect from this corapted organization.Calling Kenya, Joubuty and Gabon as evidence that is completely jock. I am an Ethiopian Who was following the poletical situation in the Horn bcs I really blieve on peace and prosperity on the region. And what I have learned so far that the African nations are more than welcome the indirect colonization of the west. And there are Nations rejected this colonization one of them is Eritrea which makes us proud as an African, they believe on selfrelience and  a Government who invest on the people not investing money for money. I am sure this obstacle will not halt Eritrean development and nothing will stop you on your path. If there is no UN there wouldn’t be war b/t Ertrea and Ethiopia but still I blieve there will be more peace b/n Ethiopians and Eritreans under the honest president Isayas,, This mess and sanctions is not only for Eritrean Government and ppl but for the Ethiopian ppl and for the horn of Africa as well. So be strong as usual nothing will defeat the Eritreans and Ethiopian ppl, pupets like Meles will collaps soon. Africa is suffering bcs of corapted governments and they are called good freinds of the west to name some of the billioneris, Gabone’s president Bongo and like the the Ethiopian president Meles with his wife Azeb.   It is on the History if you want want the ppl to prosper and grow always the evil will be on your way. Unfortunately the evil is the west. Over all the more the poletical situation twisted against the Eritrean ppl the more we feel and we believe  we are Ertreans. Go with your hard work and and we are with you.  

    • Ewnetu

      you are not an ethiopian.

  • Hagos

    Incredible: If it is True, to dictate an economy Sanctions against the hardworking peaple of Eritrea, based on lies, then this is the evidence that Banking houses are deciding how to control african economy using their lobby politicians. We know at this financial crisis time that African Grownd (Land) is the highest return of Investment. The trues is African countries may not to learn to fight poverity using self-dependent management, because Africas prosperity is reserved for Europeans and Americans for ever. Eritrea may not to be exemplar for African Countries to develop their clear of debt economy. I would say every body has the right to decide where to spend his own Money. If I am convinced to invest my Money in Eritrea, it is my right. I am sure it is not legally allowed to accuse some one, a peaple or a Country on the base of lies or fabrications. Eritreans tradition is to fight enemies face to face. Please dont try to piss take or to fool africans. In dubio pro reo. Im Zweifel für den Angeklagten. Wer bremst verliert.
    PS: Geographicaly ist Eritrea not in Somalia. Awet nhafash. Teckle Hagos from Germany. 

  • Peace

    I can tell the USA one thing, nothing good will come out of this. Once the people of Eritrea gets cornered they will get unit under one flag and leader and that is not going to help the US or Ethiopia. I totally understand the West is been West (read History for what they did to Africa), but now they are messing with the wrong kind of people. Right now, everyone is busy doing their life wherever they live or are but once the people releasized the gun is pointed at their family and parents, there is going to be a revolution but this time it going to be different. So, I would recommend the USUN or whatever they call themselve – to stop messing with Eritrean people. When you mess with the people – you get peoples power right on your face and that is not going to be good for commerce. This time the poeple of Eritrea will pull every trick on the book and more on the US. We are tried of this game. Life time of injustice on us has to stop – we deserve peace as the citize of this planet – at least once in our life And our children deserve peace as well. USUK – watch this time. Right now – the people of Eritrea are trying to do everything peacefully but once we are pushed to the edge – I don’t know what we need to do but to resolve to whatever we have to do. My life = my people = my country = Eritrea. Touch any of this – you touch me. So, USUKUN – you can NOT trick us this time. This is pure insult to the poeple of Africa and in particular Eritrea.

  • Eritrea first

    The fact remains, UNSC is reduced to lokal circus entertaining children. The UNSC has abdicated its mandate long ago. Ethiopia invaded Eritrea and still occupy some land, Ethiopia with the backing of the US, against the UNSC resolution,  invaded and moved in huge armaments into Somalia. Eritrea is accused by those same elements but there is no evidence or proof to substantiate these accusations. And fact remains, wikileakes cables show that the Ethiopian government planted bombs to blame it on Eritrea. Allow me to ask which country really deserves a sanction? The empire is bunkrupt and following the footsteps of former empires. 

  • Saidia semere

    There are a lot of fool and easily decived people that they repeat the same words like Afewerki ” let the somlians decide themselves about their fate”, hahahahahha …let ask them simple qusetions like; why did afewerki helped to be held  somalian(except the government) confernce in asmara in 2007? and trained in asab area? Please think before you speak…no no before you write. all of them are mendeling in Somalia but it is a matter of who convincing the west or america…..then on this fight ethiopians are succeded. However the sanction is very important as to behave the eritrean govrnment  and indirectly helps the eritrean people.

  • Mrsahle

    This news will only result into one thing, WAR so watch your backs you Traitorous African Dogs. Sanctions in the name of Somalia? Then why isn’t NATO and US bombing the warlords to protect the citizens of Somalia? Libyans were given that protection why is it double standards?  You see this is another example of the UN failing Eritrea which had to sacrifice over 70,000 souls in order to gain independence from Ethiopian who committed hideous atrocities against our people, WERE WAS THE UN THEN

  • Josien01

    sami eritrean
    it is  really sad but  it  is not  affected to  eritreans  ,because  they  have  long  story in the  past .for  remembrance   in  the  past  30years  the  us    opposed  to  eritrean  struggle so  we  eritreans  we  have  to  go  street for  developing  our  country .we  shouldnt  see  the  dominance  of  western  country