• Bk

    It is sad how state funds are used by zanu pf to settle political scores at the expense of the nation, I remember newspaper closed, journalists got arrested and beatten up for reporting Mugabe had wedded Grace but in actual fact Grace and Mugabe’s first child was born when Sally was still alive, do yo maths.How can a serious adminstration take time off national matters ie fixing the economy they ruined and cook up a dramma to just tarnist a political competitor? its is insane to say the list and I think Zimbabweans are wise enough to see through this and they know whats good for them,I thank God for exposing all evil minds that have brought this suffering on the population.

  • Anonymous

    Shorter than a Kardashian-which is defined as the refined (2011) length of a celebrity marriage

  • Jaravaza r

    Good at least the Prime Minister has seen sense never marry in

  • This things do happen, relax. why did he rush?

  • The woman was pregnant. He married and the next day he denied he had married. The story is not as simple as the article potrays!! Google search the news and discover what happened.

  • Bk

    If it is true that the woman is a known busuness lady of a matured age, how could she elope like a virgin girl?. It is a practice done out of desperation, a loved woman does not do that, it smells of a dirty move that failed to yield its intended  resultd, she wanted to kill the PM from within Save makagona, mangamaenda.