• whenever the CID “launch” an investigation into a hot issue such as this, it usually signals that the matter is now in ICU. The next step to completely close this matter is to appoint a commission of inquiry, that will be the funeral. I feel sorry for Syokimau victims. But if you look at DECI scam, anglo leasing, goldenberg…. all you see is a dead end.
    And the newly appointed DPP is fast asleep on the job, even when his own masai who claimed and protected him are evicted. No wonder the fat cats lobbied hard for his appointment

  • Nyambus

    While we are investigating Syokimau, what about Githurai 45 – on Thika Road where public land that was set aside by the Government for the market?  This land was subdivided through Ruiru Town Council by and with the help of the Mayor and His then Councillors.  After they allocated themselves hefty chunks of plots, they sold the rest to unsuspecting people who have since built a number of flats-blocks.  The traders are thus stranded after ‘bit-by-bit eviction’ tactics,  and are being pushed to go to alternative land in Mwihoko- a distance of 3 kms off the high-way where nobody will ever go to shop for anything.  To get there, one would have to pass/drive  through the slums of Githurai Kimbo, an area famous for its super-crime.  The adamant traders have since stayed put on the high-way, zooming around the round-about and obstructing traffic flow and intermingling with buyers within the same buildings since then developed as private property.  This too needs investigating.

  • Shantelken

    there are more even juicy and more serious news out there, kiambu land off ice isperfect just the hell hole