• Davimann1

    A recent report by Investopedia http://bit.ly/uEDjd7 placed Raila Odinga as the 3rd highest paid politician in the world – earning more than the US president, UK prime minister and even funny enough, more than Kenya’s president, Mwai Kibaki. The same report went further to indicate that Raila earns 240 times more than the country’s GDP per person, making him the World’s highest paid politician on that ratio.

    • mimi2011

      if you can substantiate the figures RAO earns by a credible source of information or else you are just a railaphobic moron. Your post is not even related to the article!

    • Oludavin

      How is the Raila pay raila pay related to this article? By the way Davimann1, RAO is one persona who hardly speaks without facts at hand. He may not give them out but remember when he said there are mericenaries (Athur Brothers) in Kenya, all his political enemies were after his blood. Later it came to be true, there were mercenaries, and now it’s clear as per JICHO PEVU report that they in fact were connect with drug dealers who happens to be deeply rooted within the government and around the person of the president.

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  • Maddgrassix

    election process is just too dirty for the righteous to participate. Furthermore, it has become a trend for the western countries’ influence to install a puppet for their own selfish gain, loot and the spreading of false beliefs. We are enslaved to our own government, double taxation and the ever rising cost of living is highly influenced by the big cartels in our parliament. Food/Fuel shortage is artificial and the steps the government takes in bid to reverse it is just blind folding the fools. Come next year election……..hope UG and TZ will have alot of accomodation. so much injustice in our country, people in streets homeless, in camps, in graves yet the culprits are well known and running the country assuming evrything that matters to most are good state. It pains.

  • “Imanyara undertook to deliver a ruling on the issues of admissibility
    and subjudice next week before any queries to the PM on the matter is
    revisited.” Why visit the matter here?

    So what is the problem. Who wrote the book? Why not question the person who wrote the book other than someone who quoted a few lines from it?