• Elijahnyangwara

    If the current parliamentarians all resign,will we or will we not have elections?

  • I’m not surprised at all with Marende’s ruling! Some hoped that Marende would use public mood to deliver his judgement in parliament which he has not even bothered to gauge. Marende and his cohorts are more interested in how long they can still earn more inflated salaries at the expense of upholding the new constitution. It is upon kenyans to rise up and defend this constitution! We wanted a new constitution. People called each other names because some had divergents views in the way the referendum was being conducted. Why, then, do we embark on mutulating this new constitution before even the cock-crow? Kenyans have expressed their wish to have the elections in August..why should they be denied their wishes when this is exactly what they voted for? Why are we being held captive by these insensitive characters in parliament? It’s time Kenyans are told why they had to vote for a bad document because it appears these people new what they were doing but still went on hoodwinking Kenyans that it was a good constitution; the flipside is that they may also not have understood the content of the constitution. How I wish we could have enough number of MPs rejecting Mutula’s affront!

  • the worst is yet to come. these guys have acted like they will nwver get out of parliament… it is a time like this i ask why death took our heroes like bishops manases kuria and Muge who would shout the leaders out. Even if you push it to next year, it will finally come to pass. the worst will be to add up your salaries as you pack and go… kenyan workers are tired of you.