• Elijah andika

    The war Kibaki government has chosen to wedge against her own people, will hound the President even after leaving the office. It is bad, it is wrong, it is ungodly to bring down the hard earned investment just in a blink of an eye. I don’t understant why the general elections should be done in December, the sooner this government comes to an end the better.

  • Dogundo

    Although it very painfull for both the tenants and the landlords the security of the state and her people is of paramount important and hence the airports wayleaves must be cleared to safegurd the incidences like the sinai. The question that we need an answer is who allocated the land? Can the landlords prove authentisity of their titles and how they were issued?  

    • Mazzdark

      Actually the only question on the table in both this case and the Syokimau one is a little appreciated Constitutional principle called “Due Process”. Officers of the Central Government still believe that their internal meetings and memos constitute as adequate to dispossess Kenyans of property whose legal use they are enjoying…Where are the bright sharp lawyers to organise these Kenyans and sue the Government until it understands that it does not hold unfettered power over our lives….the Constitution guarantees freedoms but the price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

  • Anonymous

    it is disheartening to see what the government is doing to her people, are there no other humane ways of sorting out these issues? if at all there are issues, where are land economists, land and economic lawyers, human right activists and security experts?  If a legitimate government issued title deeds in the 90s what makes the titles illegal now or is it because there is a war going on in Somalia? why were these demolitions not done immediately Kibaki took over? why now who wants to benefit from the ‘freed’ land? The government is so blind to the Alshabaab war yet in their quest to clear ‘possible’ hideouts for terrorists they are creating internal ‘terrorists’ at home. how does the government expect the thousands left homeless and destitute to survive? If you kill by the sword be prepared to die the same way. This demolitions will open a new can of worms that the government must be prepared to handle!

  • Kaniu

    The chickens are coming home to roost. It is about time Kenyans started respecting the law … there is impunity every where and no one cares to do the right thing any more.

    There are regulations that govern establishment of an airport and these are standard followed in the whole world. 

    • Ena Mugai

      fcuk off

    • Lucas

      I agree with your notion. The law should be respected by ALL. Those who have stolen and sold public land should be sent straight to prison. Nevertheless, I think the government should consider compensating the home owners. The bottom line is that thievery and land grabbing will not be tolerated. Kenyans buying land should do so thrugh legal means, and not in dirty pubs somewhere in Nairobi.

  • Nikkirote

    its totaly unfair in the sense that some one should have objected when construction started.do leaders wonder why so many kenyans opt to invest outside this country?coz else where law is followed all the way but our goverment have chosen their kawaida…….kunyanyasa wananchi………!n they obviously expect us 2 vote next year …….i wod rather b in a pub gettin high than waste my time votin 4 a government like this.the best way is jus get out of here n forget i was ever kenyan.its annoyin

  • Edu Ken

    kaniu you are insane i got no better words to tell u thank fcuk off.