• Oludavin

    Yes, it will be free and fair without Kibaki the great thief. Kibaki should be the last person to comment on free and fair elections, after having lead Kenya into the worsed PEV, due to his greed of power. He is not even ashamed to be writing love letters to Hague in difference of Muthaura. Well, he should never cheat himself that he will have a peaceful retirement because I believe one day he will be called upon to take political and leadership responsibility for 2007 PEV. He will have to testify on all the state house meetings with Mungiki, all the shoot to kill orders and what he did, all the repression on peaceful Post election demonstrations.

    • Bmutai

      Seriously? Is this the forum or the place to bring up such rubbish? For crying out loud! He’s promising many good things for OUR country!
      You can be bitter about the past and wilt away or smile at the future that we’re being promised…
      When he retires, he should/will be protected from empty heads like you!

  • He is the Boss; kwani kuna mwingine? hapana!!!!.na iko hivyo lol!

  • Jimbo

    The sort of comments people write tells us so much about them and you sort of realize why there is such hopelessness and violences in Kenya……Oludavin

  • Mak_olocho

    It was well attended and great issues of concern were addressed, thanks to PREZZO and his entourage. Regarding the colourful dinner, the WRITTER should stop fooling us. Limited drinks and canapes which were only concentrated in one corner. PREZZO let us down on this and we wish it was a colourful dinner as being painted.

  • Nikkikeys

    its so annoyin when a kenyan most definate from a certain community has such stupid accusation whereas i wonder who was destroying the same rail they use to tao,who r the stone throwers without reason.please i beg u again think clear b4 u comment,pple like u should be feed to wild dogs.shame on u ………oludavin

  • Guest

    oludavin…………..ur community is the reason kenya is behind….JJJ

  • Edclives25

    kibaki has always been a thief and a big thief of elections.

  • anonymous

    Some communities think this man is a god!!

  • Gemwa

    Kibaki has done his work…..congrats mzee…..wenye wako na poronjo poronjo hao ni bure!!!!!!!!..mavi ya kuku!!!!! kama huyu anajiita oludavin….bure kabisa….kwanini unapenda kukaa kipande kimoja…?