• Lands Cartels are owned by government officials, otherwise the government should compensate the victims as to protects is citizen from thugs, and persue the thugs. But buy compensating, it means the cartel will be revealed for prosecution, confiscication of their assets, fines and jail term which in fact is the same official lead by kimuya. So just to protect themselves, the ordinary mwananchi suffers the whole. This covering, protection,ridding off evidence and witnessess┬áhas to be done soo fast before the new government come to place coz the new katiba will dig all vices back from the ages of muzungu. By covering their corruption and dids without losing their monies, woe to whoever is standing on their way. GOOD GOVERNMENT PROTECTS ITS CITIZEN, COMPENSATE ALL LOSS AND USE IT POWERS TO FOLLOW UP WITH THE THUGS WHO SHOULD PAY THE FULL PRICE.

  • Daudi Musila

    We semingly need protection from our own government, at this rate, it wont be long before we decide to go the lybian way. Someone in government didn’t play his role and now poor overtaxed hardworking kenyans have to pay for his mistakes! We got to Rise up!!!