• Haro Haroka Kai

    sawa lecturers warudi tumalize exams poa ndio tusherehekee noel bila stress

  • Thigajosephk

    Hurrayyyy!!!!!! We share your pains as our parents and teachers!!!!

  • Mwangidigest

    We must hear from UASU first. Munyes is not the one who had called for the strike in the first place.

  • Sirdennis

    ujinga ni kuingia box ya gava.kweendeni bado niko strike.nktalshabaab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Andrey Saddy7

    The thing is COTU waliingishwa box na waka ambiwa wa suspend not to end strike……..for two weeks
    juu Masinde Muliro Wana Grad na Kibaki Ndio CHANCELLOR……..Ndo ifanyike.
    other wise the Government does not have any seriousness on our Education System.if it had there shouldn’t be such kind of Lectures strike, Teachers strike……..There is no seriousness by the Government. am really pissed off.
    what measures have they put in place that in two weeks there wont be any strike. LET us finish the semester with ease,