• Hotpotato

    Mr. Speaker sir! Stop this the rubbish the cabinet is bringing to Parliament. Stop it now. These are selfish action by the people involved. Our baby constitution need to be given time before starting removing teeth that are not ready. Wananchi spoke and they have the authority to the changes. Thanks for understanding Mr Speaker Sir.

  • Bmutai

    Does it really? I would imagine that the speaker can’t touch (nor parliament debate) the issue while the High court still has a decision to make. It would be complete madness if the two organs were to come up with two different answers…
    Thread carefully Mr speaker… After all, there’s really no rush

  • Dalmas Isoe

    Pliz Mr. Speaker act as the spirit of Kenyans admires and not few so called [cabinet] I think we voted to the new constitution and all its content well noted. Let them remain as its as for now. August is the date as we all Kenyan know.

  • Mazzdark

    It needs to be repeated that ‘the cabinet’ is not a recognised law making institution

  • Fincy

    Mr speaker let kenyans remember you as an astonished leader we well never get.Same as mandela stand for kenyans thanks.