• Anonymous

    Oops!! Ariel Sharon is president of Israel? Someone in the Kenyan PM Press Service and Capital FM needs to take “political responsibility” for demoting Shimon Peres!!!!!!!

    PS: Ariel Sharon, the mercurial prime minister has been in a vegetative state since 2007 when he went into a coma.

    • You are wrong. Check your facts. Sharon never ever became president Israel. A little schooling will do.

  • Joel

    That is one of the million reasons why AGWAMBO should be president… #ThatIsAll

  • Anonymous

    When did Ariel Sharon come out of his comma? He has been a veggie for almost a decade

  • anonymous

    What mwanoo1 said, Ariel Sharon is definitely not the Israeli President, Shimon Peres is. 

  • Hezekielgikambi

    someone just edited it but forgot third paragraph