0 thoughts on “GATLIN-IAAF”

  1. 99% of the current MPs need to go home. They do not know what they are doing. Most of them have been there forever with impunity. Hey, the 1970s and the 1980s generation guys/ladies, where are you? Come adn get the act together of bring sanity in our country. Are you ready to boot these old “Turks”???. Vote for me? I will be too hot for them and the drug dealers who are destroying our kids. Did you see the KTN commentary?

  2. If the only reason that the government is proposing to change the election date is so that the current MPs can earn their full term monies, then I would suggest they just get paid off! We did that to PLO…
    I hope someone will hammer some sense to the MPs; they wrote the constitution, and they should have thought of the transition before now.
    I hope CIOC is a powerful enough force to stop this madness.

  3. Parliament’s term as per the Constitution under which the current one was formed, is not fixed to Five Years, it can be dissolved AT ANY TIME…even today….in any case should the grand collision governement collapse or the President be incapacitated and need to be replaced there will be general elections after three months

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