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  1. somalis benefiting left right because we are so tribal we cannot trust any other Mkamba after Kivuitu messed up the last election.

  2. what is wrong with being a kenyan-somali and serving this beutifull nation? wacheni ukabila na uchochezi. let peaple be appointed on merit. full stop. that is how west has developed. grow up guys and move on. issa sweden.

  3. As long as there is no Luo in that commission, mambo poa. He might stone fellow commissioners in 2012 if they do not declare Raila is president.

  4. The post by Cheka Aliye Kucheka is hatespeech along ethnic lines and should be deleted. Capital FM must exercise responsibility by disallowing such posts. freedom of expression and speech does not include hate speech!

  5. Te-he-he!! Tinga pulled a fast one on his opponents, this time round! Unbeknown to most, Agwambo packed the Commission with his hirelings; intelligence appraisal of each of them should have revealed this!
    Ekuru Aukot, Raila’s side-kick, made sure Raila’s men and women were perfectly ‘hidden’ in the ‘wariah’ catch.
    He knew his opponents would not dare attract Muslims’ wrath by rejecting the team. How gullible, Raila’s opponents!
    As i have said before, when Raila speaks, listen more to what he is NOT saying than what he is saying!
    Now, it’s only a matter of time before Tinga is declared prezzo!

    1. Hehehe.
      No problem. As long as there is no Luo, we are fine. Our concern is someone stoning other commissioners in case Raila loses in 2012. But genius Mercy Chepkonga, you might have forgotten in your haste to publish propaganda straight from the Hyacinth Mafia’s kitchen, that Eluru Aukot was just one member of a committee chosen by both principals. The Vice-chair is a Kibakilet. Approval is by points scoring.

      Of course, most ODM-Raila followers have a low IQ and are only talented in hurling stones. Tumesamehea wewe jaber.




      Mimi ni mfalme wa Kondele na talanta yangu nikuiba pesa ya Kazi Kwa Vijana! Mimi nani?

      1. Do you believe Luos will dissapear from Earth because you hate them so much, why are you expressing an inferiority complex couched as bombastic empty talk – like al shabab debes who call black Africans as ‘Big Noses’………

    2. Mercy, your ignorance knows no bounds. You’re the typical Kenyan who thinks that all people with Muslim names are Somali. You could be educated to post graduate level but you’re not yet schooled in the history of cultures and people of your own country. Let me school you a bit. True, Mr Isaak Hassan and Mr Sharawe are Somali, Dr Yusuf Nzibo is from Ukambani, Mr Alawi is an Arab from Mombasa and finally Mrs Kule Galma Godana is a christian Borana from Marsabit county. So for all your rantings there are only two Somalis on the commission. I can assure you and all other doubting Janes and Johns that Ahmed Issack Hassan is nobody’s stooge, Raila, Ruto and Uhuru included.But lets face the truth, All the nominees whether from your village or mine met all the requirements of the constitution. So nobody who is unqualified was foisted onto Kenyans. Do not forget that religion is not a constitutional requirement, but regional and cultural diversity are. Infact in the latest commission approved three days ago, not a single Muslim, Arab or your so ‘beloved Wariah” was shortlisted. And there is no war or scuffle over it. Mercy, learn to respect the rights of other Kenyans, research on Kenya’s cultures and communities before vuvuzilaring and stop hiding¬† behind religious bigotry. Hakuna Kabila, Dini, au Ukoo ambayo ni bora kuliko the other in Kenya.

  6. i hope those already appointed are capable enough with the task if they only carry themselves with the spear of intergrity .

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