• Wambugu wa Mwai

    Even street mad-men in River Road know that the head of Kenya’s dreaded cartel resides at State House. He is untouchable. He has immunity from prosecution.

  • Oludavin

    We cant trust police to incestigate itself!
    The investigative journalism report documented by JICHO PEVU left every viewer shocked by pattern of crimes by personnel of the Kenyan Police Force (KPF). The pervasiveness of the abuse calls into question the legitimacy of the entire force. Moreover, the abuse is known and officially acknowledged by the highest levels of both police and political leadership in Kenya as this documentary makes clear, many members of the KPF are more likely to commit crimes than to prevent them.
    Nobody can deny that the existence of institutionalized and syndicated police abuse as reports the committee on police reform.
    The murder, torture, and other crimes described in JICHO PEVU are not the actions of a few rogue police officers, but rather examples of a culture of violence and lawlessness that pervades the whole force. The KPF often fails to keep adequate records of people in custody, doctor evidence, plant evidence…, fully knowing that this failure facilitates abuses against detainees and suspects. These abuses are often perpetrated either on the specific orders of superior police officers or with their knowledge or acquiescence, creating the impression of criminalized policing in Kenya.
    Public confidence is essential to effective policing. When police commit torture, murder, and other crimes, they undermine the public confidence so central to guaranteeing public safety and security. A culture of criminal policing and pervasive corruption by police personnel in conjunction with the political patronage promotes lawlessness and fosters an increased sense of insecurity that leads to a failed state.
    The JICHO PEVU and the police reform commission determine that arising from the pattern of violations associated with policing in Kenya is profound “loss of public confidence in the integrity of police personnel. The Police have become generally regarded by the public as corrupt, inept, inefficient, and part of the criminal gangs.
    Our regimes have also used the police for partisan purposes, including electoral fraud and political violence, as per the example given by JICHO PEVU; the Arthur brothers’ case and the suspected politician drug barons. The KPF, under a succession of unaccountable impunity regimes, crystallized a tradition of over centralizing Police control in the hands of the President, who could use the Police for political purposes, including silencing all opposition voices. … Often times, the Police have colluded with groups and taken sides depending on what benefits their political patrons.
    The Kenya Police Service Commission established by the new constitution as the oversight body for the police force, may have strong statutory powers but could remain institutionally enfeebled and swallowed by billions poured by drug barons.
    The Police Service Commission is charged with police discipline, but could opt to refer all complaints of extrajudicial police killings back to the police for investigation. The Commission’s mandate is potentially empowering. But despite efforts by one or two excellent commissioners, its performance could be dismal and self-restraining.
    Currently, there is virtually no accountability for police crimes. The KPF is controlled at the executive level and its officers are not answerable to the local populations they police. The KPF is responsible for investigating crimes committed by its personnel, but has neither the ability nor the inclination to do so. The Police Service Commission, the government body designed to oversee the police, could be hopelessly weak if right mechanisms are not put in place.
    My Prayer is that there must be a swift, strong and merciless actions to bring to book all those officers, politicians and government officials mentioned adversely in the JICHO PEVU documentary, all those who murdered ERASTUS K. CHEMOREI and others. The People I would like to immediately face justice are: CHRISTOPHER MUSUNDI, JULIUS SUNKULI, AGOSTINE KIMONTARIA, ATHUR BROTHERS, HON. MICHUKI, MURUNGARU among others.

  • Mazzdark

    WE MUST SAVE THIS COUNTRY!!! Hardworking police officers who do their job right are killed in front of the children, then a mad murderous cop forces someone to eat a dead man’s brains!!!! Because of drug lords and activists with mamlukis….TUOKOE KENYA YETU, JAMENI!!!!!

  • Mazzdark

    The DC and the entire District Security Committee that sat in discussion of the late Chemorei must be reported for Crimes Against Humanity, or at the least ‘Conspiracy to MURDER’, the ‘bosses’ who were hounding the late Mr badi and Abdullahi must be exposed and arrested for the same. If Moi could disband the Kenya Air Force for plotting to overthrow the Government then their is no reason why KENYA POLICE cannot be disbanded and reconstituted afresh. Augustine Kimanatria and the others must answer why Chemorei was killed.

  • The investigative report cannot be further from the truth, its is chilling and gruesome. This gives you the reason why the police do not want an Inspector general from outside but  within the force because he will dismantle those networks. We hope parliament forces the government to have a public Inquiry into those deaths maybe some justice will be done. Meanwhile police commissioner Iteere should go to be a postmaster as he is also vindicated by that story


    Picture this you see your dad being killed right infront of your eyes with the only crime he commited was obedience and loyalty to his work by refusing to give the Keys where the Drug Haul was stored? Then branded a gangster and sprayed with 22bullets? Imagine his children growing up without a dad and with such images while the killers go scot free and feed their families and children. May his soul rest in peace and to the Killers may you and your famuily and generations to come may not know peace at all and may the same fate one of you did to this family be fall on you.

  • Yuyubenson3

    Kenyan police officers can kill and sing “they shot at our officers…we shot back..” Kenyans have learnt to believe this bloody murderers who can now kill their own colleagues investigating narcotics and get away with it. Who can’t they kill now. Last week they dragged a boy out of a car pumped bullets into him in public. This lot is really scaring. Poor Cheremoi, Abdullahi, Badi, where is justice!!

  • Mazzdark

    It’s not that the State is shielding Drug Barons, the Drug Barons are the state!!! TUNATAKA MABADILIKO LEO!!!

  • Teleyenu

    When you see govt not doing anything, then big shots are probably involved one way or another! I bet you a plot of land they are. This will take the President’s own intervention issuing a decree and an all out war against: 1) the drug kings in the country; 2) the collaborators in the police force, KRA, ports of entry, govt, etc; 3) collaborating politicians. Those who have killed in the name of concealing evidence will get their reward here on earth. The devil uses then dumps you.

  • Mazzdark

    Those who have killed others for drugs start running, your time is up!!! Also those who ‘arrest innocent tourists taking picture of their buildings’……….

  • Our police force is one powerful gang of thugs hunting weaker gangs of thugs.Our army should come back from Somalia and deal with the real Criminals. Yes, from Vigilance house to the chief’s camp.

  • Vicky720

    if what i saw in jicho pevu was possible. now i believe everything that happened in post violence. i now believe that mungikis were given police uniforms and met at statehouse. i believe this beyond reasonable doubts.it was shocked at the high level of impunity in kenya. nowander we are ranked 8th as the world most corrupt country.i now understand why some people want to hold to power even if it means death…but it us the people we can change this..pls lets vote wisely and with sober mind.

  • Vicky720

    http://www.scribd.com/doc/46410348/Drug-Dossier. guys u can also read about the drug dossier here. its shocking. copy and past to your other friends..

  • Mazzdark

    Now the Police Commissioner is threatening to sue KTN, I say GO AHEAD!!!

  • Tquatitative

    4sure alot of explanation are needed about this drugs