• Lila1961

    Ethiopian and Kenyan leaders instead of pointing your fingers to Eritrea. Why you do not help your poor people. Use your brain brothers. Do not sell your pride for $ or £ . Dignity is more than money. 
    We Eritreans, we are the masters of ourselves. We will never be slave. Ethiopians they know our story but Kenyans, Nigerians and Gabonese probably they do not know us properly. So my advice please try to learn more about the people of Eritrea.

    • Swidz2002

      Security of the Kenyan population is far much important than the history you are telling us to learn. Stop arming Alshabaab and you will be safe. 

      • Saba

        swidz2002, i wonder if you mean it or faild to undersatnd the game. America was working hard inconjaction with Ethiopia to sanction Eritrea.

        Unfortunately, and regrettably, our brothers from Kenya and
        other puppets joined the coward full of lie game.  America is working for regime change in all African
        countries – Eritreas is one of them. Eritrea future is bright, which mean a
        great example to all African countries, they don’t want see that USA. Eritrea
        never supports Alshaba and will not because Eritrea is very secular country and
        we are on the process of nation building through self-reliance without external
        help. America is trying to invade Eritrea and unfortunately and blindly seem to
        be supported by some greedy African countries- As an Eritrean we will fight to
        the end despite all the propaganda lie and jealousy. Again we will use our gold
        you can’t stop from selling our gold and building our nation.

        We get our independence by through hugh sacrifice and will
        build our country the same way!

        Victory to the peace loving Eritrean people.

        • Jordan22

          Who do you think Eritrea. It’s just a tiny and the poorest country in the world.  The problem of Eritrean people and thier leaders is that they thought America is always working hard to weaken Eritrea. That’s just joke, America doesn’t know who Eritrea is and its location. They don’t care about Eritrea. It’s all about money. If Eritrea has oil they would defenetly care. You may think you have gold. All countries have gold and it doesn’t make big difference in economy. So try to get rid of proudness, make peace with you neighbours, stop helping terrorists, respect human rights and get rid of dictators and at least you will leave like other contries. Also stop listening your dictator who always blame America to cover his evil behaviour.

          • people

            I know Eritrea is small country but definitly not tiny. Poorest? I think you are mistaking to which country you are refering to. Eritrea is not the poorest country in Africa but the most rappidly growing nation in Africa.

            Of course America knows who Eritrea is and what it has, Self-reliance! That is Jordan what Americans don’t like. Oh I have seen and read the American higher officials to talk about Eritrea and its issues. If you don’t read at all let the readers forgive you but definitly not me.

            And for your knowledge we are proude of who we are and this is a gift we have for we Eritrean have fought for our rights no one dare to spare our independence. But our people blood did give us this much confidence for everything is possilbe if you believe in yourself.

            That is self-reliance Jordan!

            Victory to the masses!!!

    • JeffM

      Wee, we know a big part of your history; especially the part where Ethiopia made short work of you when you invaded Badme.  You should have learnt from that and stop arming terrorists.

      • Olu

        I wouldn’t make that statement if I was you ,so the Ethiopians died for the land that was never theirs and the Eritreans died for the land that land that was theirs Ummmm this is tricky.

        • Olu

          I do apologise for the typo duplication, “Eritreans died for the land that was theirs”

    • charlie

      Lila we ahve nothing at all never to learn from refugees what!! you
      country is biggest source of asylum seekers and you want us to earn
      from you!!! shame on you!!!!!!!!

      • Fair

        Kenya: Diplomatic Police Hunt for Missing Players
        Meanwhile, the Danish Embassy has also revealed that two other Kenyan players were in Denmark after another football trip by a Kenyan academy.
        Three others are in Italy after yet another tournament organised by a Mombasa-based academy.
        This trend has forced some embassies to reconsider granting visas to youth teams to travel to Europe for football tournaments until local football authorities issue guidelines.
        Kenya faces a ban – just like most West African countries such as Nigeria, whose entire team from one academy vanished after a tour of Europe.


        all african countries have lost players ..

    • Tekleab57

      I admair your really your confidence of talking. Eritrea has never been an independent country and the poeple has never been the master of their self. Who told you this unknown history? We only know you that eritreans has been serving as a banda to Italians in the fight of Africans such as in ethiopia, somalia and libia. Your leader said that the eritreans are the most knowlegeable and civilized poeple in Africa. First it is better for the eritreans to consider themselves as a poeple of africa. Second be human do not act as the wild animals of gash barca. Other wise you are going to be elliminated from the surface of the earth by the floods of east Africans. I do not really understand why Isayas helps Al-shebab while eritreans er suffering by hunger and migrations through the saharan desert.

      • Fair

        Ok you told us about Eritreans what about those Ethiopians doing the same journey? Oh one more  Ethiopia was also invaded by Italians in 1935/1936 , where was your King when this was happening? RUN AWAY TO ENGLAND. The only people who where brave enough to challenge the Italians in Ethiopia were Abraham Doboch,Mogos Asgodom & the great hero Zerai Deres(ALL Eritreans). If only they knew you were back stabbers. 

      • people

        I am amazed to read your none sense debate. Would you mind to read to have knowledge for you could wirte something credible? You seem to know nothing but tried to say something about what you barely know. Please do read to talk about the only young self-reliant country in Africa for it would be shame to you to speak about that nation

      • Habenberhiu

        you are faker

  • Lila1961

    African leaders while they are sitting on their sofa, but the US, Western and other allies they are plotting to colonize Africa again. It sounds silly but it is not. At this time obviously they are not going to use chain like it used to be. But by pocketing the headless leaders. 
    Young Africans take time and you must think ways to disperse the dark cloud hanging over Africa otherwise we will suffer forever and ever for generations to come.  

    • Lila…. if your people and country men including your so called brilliant leaders made your country safae and comfortable to live why did your whole National soccer team dissapear in Daresalaam early this year?

      • Olu

        For the same reason Wilson Kosgei Kipketer for better life in Denmark,but the difference is he done it  after Kenya had their independence for more than 30 yrs . Let see it the Eritreans will do that in 10 yrs time only time will tell.

      • patrioticEritrean

        Kirimi think twice before you talk once, have you heard of BRAIN DRAIN, the people of africa espcially educated once are fleeing, leave africa and go to western countries, you know why ? because they are selfishs, they(western goverments) don’t want them to educate their own people, besides, there is a lot of things going on in africa, like AFRICOM, to colonise africa once again, it is a US Command, there is a trick they are using to do their dirty Job in africa, 49 countires signed an agreement, 5 countires didn’t, one of them is eritrea, Here we go once again NEOCON, start working thanks to the full of puppets, you know what is the aim of AFRICOM, they provide you a training and weapons, then if one country play around with Uncle SAM, they won’t use their Troops so that no american or other western country soldier dying, they will use our own brothers to kill their own people, Regarding the Soccer players, it is Obvious, this is a game the CIA uses to black mail the Country who is not abide by State dipartement’s Remot control, so they use any possible means to Isolate that the choosen Nation, as for me, i know every tacktic they use, and ASK THOSE PEOPLE OR COUNTRIES TO PROVIDE EVIDENCE THAT ERITREA IS HELPING AL=SHABAB, They don’t have one, only they have the fabricated once, So My fellow africans try to Undrestand the game, as for eritreans, We know it, we got use to it back from 1940’s, soccer players and they are all Teen agers you can brain wash them by telling them this artificial life of Western countries, So Kirimi, don’t worry about them, they will come back after 5-6 years, and the others did it, besides they are the one who help our Gov by sending 2% of their income from whereever they are. Eritrea will prevail, VICTORY TO THE MASS AND FOR OUR MARYTYRS

      • PatrioticEritrean

        Ohh i forgot to tell you one more thing, No western power gave our independence with a silver plate, We got it through harsh, and a lot of sacrifice, sour struggle, the reason why they Oppose us regarding somalia is because we are saying we need one and strong somalia, like the way it used to be in 1980’s including somaliland, puntland,benadirland, jubbaland, and southern somali, all regions should come togeter, but the westerns and some of the somali neighbours don’t want to see that happen. they want to divide and rule which is Old fashion, British were using that system long ago, even kenya is there because they want to establish another region the so called Jubbaland. so our fellow africans join us to tackle this the so called NEOCON not to work once again in africa. besides our region is Volatile, and strategic, for your information, there is a place called BAB AL-mendeb, in the southern redsea bordering yemen, djibuti, eritrea, connecting indian ocean to redsea, the main aim of western countries is to control that area, because 60 % of crude Oil passing everyday through that place, and goods coming from far east going to Europe and north america. inorder to control that area and to complete the cycle they need to put a puppet Gov in Somalia and Erirea, Sudan as well. this is the main reason why the americans and the rest of westren nations brought chaos.

  • Natsinet

    I don’t think sanction will be enough to stop the mad man, Issayas. Eritrea needs a regime change. Therefore U.S or any other country should be kind enough to solve Eritrea’s problem by helping the Eritrean people get rid of Issayas.

    • Mehaxim

      weak and opportunistic people always don’t look at the potential inside them. they spend their time yawning and begging others. if you need change try to bring it yourself. no need of external interferences. Kenyans are not able to solve their internal problems let alone solve others problem.  they need first to do their home works before pointing fingers.

      • Sodiumpentathol

        FYI: Kenya is not a beggar like you insinuate. Kenyans are paying their way in terms of infrastructures, free education etc. No one is begging, so get your facts straight. Oh yeah, and don’t forget that Kenyans have done their ‘home works’, and that’s why the biggest refugee camp, the biggest war hospital in the world are in kenya, i.e. the hospitality for African neighbors is very noticeable. Unlike Eritrea, Kenya will fight tooth and nail for its interests. This by the wa include dropping a few bombs in Asmara, if need be. Kenyans have seen it all and more and its about time to take the fight to the terrorists, their sympathisers and sponsors-Eritrea.

    • PatrioticEritrean

      Natsinet we know that you are a rubbish Tigray, Mind your own buissness, Isaias Afowerki will be Our Leader for ever, Go and talk about your Gov Weyane

  • Brhan

     There is no way back now, go on UNSC. The people of Eritrea are not going to be affected by the sanction, if you think about it how is gonna affect it? Presently this people is not living from the mining profit or tax, but from his land growing some thing to eat. The sanction is already placed on the people years ago.

    • Alfred

      So you don’t want their life to improve??

  • bleedKenyan

    @Lila1961. It’s not rocket science, cease from arming a rebel group that has done nothing but kill, mame, rape and plunder the people of Somalia and has been a constant threat to the security of Kenya. It is YOU who needs to learn a bit about the rule of international and RESPECTING it. If all that we get in Kenya about Eritrea is that you are arming a rebel group that is our enemy…what do you expect us to think of your nation?

    • Fred

      I kindly direct you to the Majore’s twitt:

      ” Major E. Chirchir 
      #OperationLlindaNchi operation is sensitive and thus do approach all information coming your way with tact and with an analytical outlook. ” Does that mean the so called Planes are not Eritreans or is it ? I am confused who is telling the truth.

    • Fjfjfj

      Yes keep on clapping your hands for your Western Masters. Keep buying into the same lies over and over again until it has ran a hundred circles around your brain…dirbay

      • Percussion

        Unlike these Eritreans goons, Keya has its own intelligence services. The intelligencia is very capable and among the best we have in the world. So this nonsense of invoking the West is useless. There is something very wrong with Eritrea…time to clean house.

  • charlie

    Lila we ahve nothing at all never to learn from refugees what!! you country is biggest source of asylum seekers and you want us to earn from you!!! shame on you!!!!!!!!

    • Adfasfa

      Ummmm let’s see you had your independence in 1963 so that will make it 48 yrs . Let’s see what will happen after 48yrs of Eritrean independence. 

      • Macabre

        This is a simple query. Absolutely nothing. 48 years, 1 year etc….what makes a difference is the levels of academia a country possesses. I don’t think Eritrea has anything going for it. For instance their constitution was ratified in July 1996 (a whopping 15 years have passed since) but it has yet to be implemented. Maybe in another 33 years (48 years all together), the darn constitution will see its implementation. What a shame!

        • Adfasfa

          You got a point there but what are we discussing here when their constituion will be implemented or development.

  • eritrea

    Bomb in Addis? Wiki leaks already proved that it was the Ethiopian government that did that, plus any idiot with 1% geographical skills could have seen that it is impossible to fly in Djibouti Air space and not alert the American military, sad that all these fabrications of Ethiopia are being believed

  • Lucas

    The mentality of Eritreans is always think backwards. Obviously only a fool would ask us to learn anything from Eritrea. Eritrea has ZERO to offer than arm terrorists. Even Rwanda is 1st world compared to this dump of a country, Eritrea.

    • PatrioticEritreans

      Dear Lucas, where did you see the Eritreans arming terroristes, where is the evidence ? this is the job of thoes puppets Ethiopians together with US for their mutual intrest, stop talking nonsense, if Americans say something you guys believe it, don’t be biased, listen what Eritreans say too, i think you know the media’s misleading our world, and biased, infact most of the media’s are funded by western powers, i mean the big once, so ask them where is the evidence, am sure they don’t have one, so please stop misleading others too, we all are brothers.

    • PatrioticEritrean

      Ohh i forgot to tell you one more thing, No western power gave our independence with a silver plate, We got it through harsh, and a lot of sacrifice, sour struggle, the reason why they Oppose us regarding somalia is because we are saying we need one and strong somalia, like the way it used to be in 1980’s including somaliland, puntland,benadirland, jubbaland, and southern somali, all regions should come togeter, but the westerns and some of the somali neighbours don’t want to see that happen. they want to divide and rule which is Old fashion, British were using that system long ago, even kenya is there because they want to establish another region the so called Jubbaland. so our fellow africans join us to tackle this the so called NEOCON not to work once again in africa. besides our region is Volatile, and strategic, for your information, there is a place called BAB AL-mendeb, in the southern redsea bordering yemen, djibuti, eritrea, connecting indian ocean to redsea, the main aim of western countries is to control that area, because 60 % of crude Oil passing everyday through that place, and goods coming from far east going to Europe and north america. inorder to control that area and to complete the cycle they need to put a puppet Gov in Somalia and Erirea, Sudan as well. this is the main reason why the americans and the rest of westren nations brought chaos.     

  • Samuel_brhane

     why can’t you get alone and grow up instead of pointing at each other after all u all are africans don’t forget that.

    • people

      I would say that if i were you! We are not the same for we are from different countries and different believes

  • LoveEri

    After all the whole world is Eritrea! Eritreans have never been refugees but they are roots for Eritrea, they are inspiration for the whole world let alone  Kenya,Gabon, Nigeria or the like, and they are looking for global peace to prevail, and Eritreans believe that no peace will come from the US or other powers of these evil world, but from The God Of Israel. I Love Eritrea!

  • MT

    Hi people….the good honest ones and the others who just echoing whatever they hear! Slow down….there is always a way around this.
    Eritrea has never been a terror sponsoring country….yeah history matters….just like reputation ….the problem is the unique situation in Eritrea’s present history puts it in a defensive position. But slowly we are learning about alliances and trying to make regional cooperation work…so through time things will fade….all these accusations will be in the past…..
    Yeah for now….whoever is fabricating and echoing these stories……this is your moment….just a moment…the truth will always come out….it is just there….covered with all this dust you raising high into the sky!

    • Vilja

      well said, tell these bastards!!!

  • Damabeem

    Hey guys, we were told repeately and relentlessly that Ethiopia is just involved in a smear campaign against Eritrea.  Then, why do countries like Kenya, Gabon, Nigeria, Djibouti, and other African countries and the UN and the US are saying the same thing like Ethiopia??? Is the reason is….to make Ethiopia happy? They are liers? The Ethiopians are smarter than Eritreans in their diplomacy campaign? Ethiopia is bribing all this counries? I thought you said Ethiopia is poor, I know it used to be. 
    Other thing is that some morally corrupt Eritreans and very few non-Eritreans claim that Eritrea/Eritreans are very unique people so that everybody is, the whole world is, jealous of their accopmlishment.  if your assertion can hold drops of water…Why is that then Eritreans are the run i.e. facing death, extremely harsh travel situation and shoot to kill order nad other horrible encouters and migrate from their country to Ethiopia, Arab countries, Israel and other countries????  Is your answer is like you “leader’s”? Afewerki said “…they are going out of Eritrea for vacation…”? Or is your answer is not only Eritreans but also Ethiopians are also going to Arab countries, to the west so we are not alone? I think you guys are supporting Afewerki while he is destroying your youth, culture, natural resources, stamina, and your strong and beutiful culture.  Think again.

    • Vilja

      it is only because, the time is of the liars and corrupted like you, as simple as that. 
      melees thinks he will stay for ever, tell him to learn from sadam hussien, mubarek, they used to be their puppets as he is now. For how long.
      Leave Eritrea alone.mind your own corrupted business!!!!

  • WARSAY29


  • David


    patrioticEritrea, I have a question for you! You were part of Ethiopia, and fought 30 yrs. to ceased and U got it, whether you’re benefiting or not is another whole question. Now you’re advocating for one Somali, one Sudan and many Ethiopia. Is your passion is for the Somali people or for the feeling of Eritrea? If you claim for the Somali, here again appears your ignorance by invading their freedom of thinking for their own destiny, as you got it. In other words you are the master thinker for them. Within 20 years of your split from your mother land, you became an advocators for unity of other countries. You and your president opposes South Sudan’s independent, Somali-lands independent, Punt-lands independent…. If somebody asks you why is independent life or death for you, but so taboo for others what is your answer? If you want to give a lesson for others admit first and tell them look we made mistake, we are not benefiting for what we fought and what we thought, then others will lesson to you, if not you should not crippling two words in one tung. Until you buried the mentality we are different, we know better not only for us but also for others, through out generation you will be under the helm of others. Sometimes, I ask myself do they think before they talk? if so, do they know what they are talking?

    ናይ ብሓቂ ተሕዝኑ ሰባት’ኹም። እንታይ’ኹም ትፈልጡ እንታይ’ኹምከ ዘይትፈልጡ ንምፍላጥ ዘይትፅዕቱ አጸገምቲ አሕዋት ምባል ይሐይሽ። 

    Peace be with all of us
    ሰላም ምስ ኩልና ይኹን     

  • Anonymous

    Lila,i hope you are not posting your silly comment on Kenya soil!!!Shame on you.

  • Abraham

    Most African leaders can’t even think or speak for themselves anymore,including Kenya,Ethiopia,Nigeria,Gabon etc because they are addicted to aid and loans from the world bank and Imf.Fact-Eritrea is one of the few countries that is expected to meet the Millenium development goals set by the U.N. While you morons can’t even feed yourselves, Eritrea is striving towards food security.so please clean your houses first before pointing fingers, and don’t let the u.s use your fellow citizens as mercinaries, because at the end of the day that’s what you are., a bunch of baboons being used by the white man.Leave Somalia alone,let them sort out their problems themselves.  

  • M.Kenya

    My neighbor is from Eritrea plus he’s such a boring one. 

  • truth

    Prove it!!! Prove it!!! Prove it! thats all you gotta do. there is not 1 shred of evidence that backs the claim that eritrea is supporting terrorists. Get off americas jock strap for a second. Nothing america says is true…and thats a proven fact. Look at their operations in Iraq (no WMD) and Libya (no plane attacks). Now Irag is messed up and Libya is too. Guess what…Americas enemies are the ones who oppose its foriegn policy. Its enemies are the ones who do not depend on it. Libya pre 2011, china, cuba, venezuela,, etc… 90% of africa are slave minded period! and eritrea is in that 10%. Guess what ppl…Eritrea aint got debt like the other nations in africa…and that doesnt sit well with america. and the country that has the most debt (well that recieves the most foreign aid in the world and more than all the african nations combined) is none other than than ethiopia (americas bitch). And all this talk bout isaias being a dictator….there are many many many countries in africa that have leaders that are in power 15+ 20+ 25+ yrs n no one sayin shit bout them….cuz they sucking america off. plain n simple. america just mad that eritrea dont need it. but it needs (and wants) eritrea for its red sea. check ur numbers 80% mortality and 70% infection decline for malaria since 2001, literacy is 67% compared to 33% in 1991, child mortality down 63% since 1991, HIV is only 0.8% (lowest in subsaharan africa) life expectancy is 66 (highest in subsaharan africa), lowest debt in africa,$1 =15Nk (way better than most african nations),economy is expected to rise 17 % in 2011 and 13% in 2012 (fastest growing economy in the world), president doesnt own a huge house or have fancy cars or a tonne of bodyguards and constantly is within the general population (only prez in the world that does that), and is the ONLY self reliant country in africa. dont believe the lies of a few over truths. its all politics people. Know the game and play it right. dont sit on the sidelines and talk shit. U tell me those aint good numbers……dont hate…take notes

  • OLU

    Why would Kenya want to go to war now just before the general election in August 2012? Something is happening  here I hope we are not to late to find out!!!

  • BAYRU32


  • David


    Lila1961, yes, Ethiopian’s  know you who you’re. The problem is you do not know yourselves what you are and who you are. Interns of what are you the master of yourselves? you have no shame to talk like this. Let’s forgot about the past and talk about the recent. Wasn’t it you president paid million and millions of dollars for lobbyist to bring Americans to station in Eritrea, even comparing the mountain of Eritrea with the mountain of Afghanistan, but failed miserably to convince them? Isn’t your president who cries to the Israeli’s if they can station in the Eritrean soil? Isn’t your president hopelessly cries to the Iranians to control Aseb? Lila, stay calm and you should not rush to spit your big mouth. Well, take care.

    • Fair

      From what I know the reason USA & Eritrea don,t get on is because since independence USA has been harassing for a station in Eritrea and Eritrea wouldn’t have it ,moving on I think he(the president of Eritrea) is more than qualified to make the  “Mountain” claim as he had ” Been there and Done it”for years. As for the Israel-Iran-Lobbyist don’t believe what you read although you have the right to make your own mind. 

  • truth

    David Where do you get your information from? The thing about lobbyist…not true…the thing bout israel…not true….iran…..not true. its more believable to say that i am 10 feet tall with 4 arms, flying abilities, and a psycic…

  • David

    Truth, to deny and to say it’s not true is simple, or may be you do not want to know, but if you want to you should research it in the diplomatic benchmark. Who knows may be you will say it’s the americans or the weyans fabrication and it’s not true. Well, what can people have to say in order to make you believe!…  

    • truth

      One word…..Wikileaks! Its proven that the ethiopian gov’t are liars and snakes. They are self destructive but they blame there issues (which they create themselves) are created by the eritrean gov’t.It is hard to imagine how they get the most foreign aid in the world (and more than all the african nations combined) but they are still the poorest. Thats because their population doesnt see any of it. it is sad really. but thats a different story. Bottom line america lets ethiopia (infact they instruct them) to be the bully without any consequences. Ethiopia have broken many international laws but havnt been punished for it. They invaded somalia illegally in 2006 and they were backed by the US. They are still in eritrean territory, which violates international law. They broke a UN agreement which was final and binding. But they have not been punished. Can you explain that one to me? Eritrea has every right to attack them right now because ethiopia is on their soil. its not complicated. Peace can only come to the horn of africa through a chain reaction which starts with ethiopia getting of eritrean land. Then both countries with soldiers at the borders can use them for other more productive purposes like development.And this peace process is contagious.it will spill into neighboring countries. Eritrea and ethiopa can finally have diplomatic relations, somalia can finally put in work to form a govt and get back to the times before 1990, before the US came and messed with them. The only problem with this is that the US WONT let this happen. Peace in afrrica (especially the horn) is not in their interest. They profit from war. the more fucked up africa is the more richer they get. It is common knowledge. Thats what happened when africa was decolonized around 60 years ago. The western powers left africa in shambles and made they people believe that they were free but they weren’t. They were all, and still are, heavily dependent on those nations. Yes Ethiopia is eritreas enemy, but they arent the main enemy. The US is. Look at Iraq. They nationalised their oil and began trading in Euros. This was effecting the US economy. So what happened? Sanctions happened a lie was used (WMD) and then an invasion….now the US run Iraq. Libya what happened? Gaddafi wanted to have one african currency and create the united states of africa. This would have boosted all the economies in africa. Our resources would have been nurtured and sold for more than it was, which would of made the continent prosper. We would have never needed foreign aid again. We would make our own food, have our own energy, have our own factories, our own investment banks and monetary fund(the african monetary fund which the US said it wanted to be apart of but gaddafi said hell no). Basically SELF-RELIANT. What happened to that idea? A lie (killing his own people with planes, there is proof that never happened), an invasion (even though they said they were only gunna stop the regime from using planes), and now they control the country. The new libyan govt said they will be cancelling oil contracts with china and cuba ( i wonder why…) BTW the country has been complete destroyed by Nato bombs (why? because now the new govt have to spend money and time to rebuild the country and america will do that for them and get rich off it!) They are not doing shit in syria which is 100 times worse than libya was. Because they have not interest in syria. they dont care about them. One thing you have to know about the war in libya, is that most of the rebel WERE NOT libyans. They are arabs from other nation who came for the protests and stayed for the fight. Not only were most of them not libyans,but a lot of them were also AL QAIDA. and its a fact. from many sources. check it out yourself. Sen John McCain (the old guy who lost to obama in the US elections in 08) said that its ok because al qaida isnt as bad as gaddafi. lets see some of Gaddafis doings….every libyan got free health care and if the service was not available in the country, medical treatment was funded for overseas treatment.Free education in libya….even university. Every libyan got FREE money every month. Not just a little too. Enough to live off of. Newly weds are given free apartments. Standard of living was extremely high. the highest in africa. Even higher than saudi arabia. The countrys resources were used for the country and its people! Telecommunications are in africa because of Gaddafi! Do some research on that also. Basically if the US dont like what you are doing and if they can make money off of you….they hate you and will do whatever is in there power to hurt you. As of now…Isaias is the only president in africa left that is trying to prevent this. And hes is doing a great job. As the statistics in improvements dont lie! Another fact is that asmara is the SAFEST city on the continent. WHich is great. I wish he wasn’t the only one, because prosperity in only Eritrea is not prosperity at all. We ALL need to prosper. But wen you got meles who only cares about 8% of his population, and oppresses the others, and only caters to the US instead of his country…properity in africa will just have to wait. the western countries dont even like Israel. but they front like they do to instigate problems in the middle east, which they also profit from.

      • truth

        also the whole 2% thing (which i think is not enough) is just another baseless argument for Eritrea haters. Remember many countries impose a tax on their citizens abroad. Especially the US. Infact they pay way more than 2%. They pay the same amount as citizens inside the US which is a bit over 15%. And no country in the world has funded more rebels, terrorists, wars, invasions, and killings, than the US!

  • TedrosW

    I love my country and I’m realy the Patriotic of Pan-African, but many eriteans who leaving in Europe or US are Blind-deaf-mute!! As you know Internal political problems are always the best to solve in the foreign policy makes ( somalia, south sudan etc.). many eritrean and Ehiopian are searching for a better way to live and ending as Refugees in Sinai. They are searchinging  “Real Freedom” that EVERYONE is seeking.  My hatred is directed to all Arabs and isayas afewerki.

  • Kurasinamn

    lila 1901, I am ethiopian but I don,t know your history, can you explain me

  • East african lover

    Dear frends i am wondering about what is going on in east african blessed countrys.once all were in marvellous harmony sharing and caring each other with african traditional culture of tolarating one onother.the color of our skin ,similarity of our language, the dispersity of  the same tribes in different east african countries shows our geographical and historical unity.so we dont need to be decived by the cheap, arteficial , out dated and old fasion of western policy .may God blessed all east african countries.

    • Ahmedabdu

      thanks east african lover.we should never let our historical unity to be erode by western strategy.kenya,djibouty,ethiopia,somalia and eritrea are one nation.lets say NO for western interferance.

  • truth

    there should be more sanctions against the Eritrean government. the people of Eritrea are already suffering so much, no food, forced slave labor, no education opportunities, no healthcare, refugees are tortured and murdered…. sanctions cannot do any more damage to the people because not one penny goes to the people. anything needs to be done to get this devil government of Eritrea out of power!!