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  1. USA is the most powerful nation in the modern world today and thus its neighbour in the South Mexico is unsafe and undeveloped, US tried its best to assist the Mexicans to progress and stop corruption,drug cartels and all sorts of crimes,but because the Mexicans are not ready for this now , they fail every policy and keep going their way, finally the US gave up and made sure that its borders are tightly secured and maintains good diplomatic relationship with Mexico. the gun point solution of Kenya to the Somali problem is not going to bring any successful conclusion to the anarchy in Somalia, but will create more instability and more refugees to Kenya, i think it is winnable war and its going to cripple the weak economy of Kenya. we need Kenya to survive and stay secure and the only way to achieve that is to secure the border and focus on internal security.

    1. Good Surad1960, now if you could just tell us what to do with 650,000 Somali refugees, al shabab provocations and recruitment of Kenyan youth and attacking Kenya’s tourist base…while you are at it maybe you can explain why this much vaunted fierce Somali nationalism doesn’t kick in when clan militias and foreign jihadists wage war on innocent hungry Somalis forcing them to flee to Kenya with begging bowls…also while you are at it please explain to us why you can’t do the basic human thing and form a national government to speak for you…there are many other things but let’s start with those

      1. We formed our own government in 1992 without the help of any foreign factors or intervention and it was the likes of Kenya and Ethiopia who fail every successful mission to rebuild somalia as you have butterflies to see a strong successful Somalia. Somalis without any doubt are the most business minded people in Africa, we have a very strategic location, we have a small population, we are 100% Muslims,we have untempered natural resources so given all that we are a big threat to our only two neighbours.i could have achieved a stable and secure Somalia if you are not taking advantage of our ignorant tribal leaders. about the refugees what ever evil plots you do, they will haunt you one day and i think this is a part of a problem that you guys created so i will say you deal with it now.

  2. you cant ask for your neighbour to discipline your kids simply because you dont think that they have more sticks than you, that is what Kenya believes, that the Somali government is weak and they need their help to discipline Shabab.

  3. when the house next door catch a fire and the occupant is self inflecting this fire, than you step up and do something about it at that point, but what Kenya is doing now after 20 years seems to me that it wanted the house to burn to the ashes and then take advantage of the children when the parents are dead. Somalia needed your help in the first instance when this anarchy started not now while your corrupted regime is in need of their share of the US hand out funds to combat what they call Terrorism.

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