• Panyamulenge

    Stop alarmist headings

  • I wonder why ‘Capital’ doesn’t vet some of it’s heading.When will the media learn to protect our Country from negative  publicity?. Online news are read all over the world and such heading have far reaching implications not only in Kenya but outside. The story really doesn’t justify the weight of the heading. Let’s learn how to save our country and cease from being alarmists as  Panyamulenge has said.

  • upuzi_tele

    Do we have any qualified journalists in Kenya?? What I see is that this information has just been copy pasted from AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE. Very useless journalism

  • Marqvar

    Would this incident have been stopped by the announced tighter security by KWS? No! Bandits dont use park gates but enters elsewhere – just like poachers. What is needed is not better security at the gates but more patrols and more survailance in the parks. If this results in more bandits poachers being caught then its good!