• Is that so? If you want to shoot, shoot don’t talk. Let us wait and see.

  • Mtende710

    Just another Quixotic attack planned by Israel and America, the two bully schoolboys in the global playground. 

    • Big_fish876

      With Russia and China lurking in the shadows. Don’t worry, the Israelis won’t be there much longer and the US is about to get a dose of reality. 

    • RobDH

      I say, “Nuc” them. Turn Iran into a glass parking lot, NOW!

  • Peace Lover

    Well, Do you all think Attacking on Iran will stop all violence ? How about Israel ? Israel got NUKE ! Why the heck US and EU and UN does not say anything about that ? Zionist Jew Killing  Innocent Kid and women on the Gaza and West bank no one says nothing about that .  

    • upuzi_tele

      talk about al shabab kidnaping and killing innocent people in kenya and somali first before talking about Arab issues.You know nothing about Arab issues.

  • Pierre

    Peace Lover, I totally agree wit U, US n Israel hav ova 200 nuclear warheads n de International Community is sayin notin bout it! Poor Iran! It myt face wot Vietnam, Iraq n Afghanistan faced, kip aside Libya! Tiz Upizi Utele dude juz sounds as his name! He daznt hav any in4 bout de world politix! Upuzi Tele…Try 2 C beyond de motion pix on ur screen!

    • Anonymous

      Dude, reading your comment was pure anguish. Please use words next time….

  • shahid afridi

    The stupid Israel can,t defeat Muslims.We r in favor of Iran Nuclear weapon its is right.

  • IRAN

    damn israel down with israel Iran is the hero with God

    • RobDH

      Yes, Iran will be with God. They ALL will be dead. Thank God!

  • Igutatony

    bomb them. they have been warned for many months! what more can you do. even the world is overpopulated.Make sure you strike them really good!!

  • Big_fish687

    Israel has become a rogue nation. Strike Iran and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian-Chinese bloc mobilize. Thought you had a tough time in Iraq? LOL wait until Russian air power is aiding endless swarms of Chinese soldiers.