0 thoughts on “CAVANI-ARSENAL”

    1. With Russia and China lurking in the shadows. Don’t worry, the Israelis won’t be there much longer and the US is about to get a dose of reality. 

  1. Well, Do you all think Attacking on Iran will stop all violence ? How about Israel ? Israel got NUKE ! Why the heck US and EU and UN does not say anything about that ? Zionist Jew Killing  Innocent Kid and women on the Gaza and West bank no one says nothing about that .  

    1. talk about al shabab kidnaping and killing innocent people in kenya and somali first before talking about Arab issues.You know nothing about Arab issues.

  2. Peace Lover, I totally agree wit U, US n Israel hav ova 200 nuclear warheads n de International Community is sayin notin bout it! Poor Iran! It myt face wot Vietnam, Iraq n Afghanistan faced, kip aside Libya! Tiz Upizi Utele dude juz sounds as his name! He daznt hav any in4 bout de world politix! Upuzi Tele…Try 2 C beyond de motion pix on ur screen!

  3. bomb them. they have been warned for many months! what more can you do. even the world is overpopulated.Make sure you strike them really good!!

  4. Israel has become a rogue nation. Strike Iran and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Russian-Chinese bloc mobilize. Thought you had a tough time in Iraq? LOL wait until Russian air power is aiding endless swarms of Chinese soldiers. 

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