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Hull skipper imposter fools model to get baby


DAVIES-TIOTELONDON, September 30 – Curtis Davies has been revealed as the unwitting subject of a bizarre deception after pregnant model Josie Cunningham admitted she was tricked for 18 months into believing the father of her baby was the Hull City captain.

The wannabe glamour model, who rose to fame after undergoing a £4,800 breast enlargement on the NHS, claims she was ‘manipulated’ into having a relationship with a man who pretended to be the 29-year-old centre back.

Just hours before going into labour, the 24-year-old told her 55,000 Twitter followers she had been ‘physically fooled’ by the imposter – despite searching images of the player on Google when she was warned the man could be a fraud.

There is no suggestion that Davies, who captained Hull in their 4-2 defeat by Manchester City on Saturday, has had any involvement with the model, and he will likely be baffled by the news.

The imposter made contact with Cunningham last April and sent her a photo of Davies, which he had taken from the internet, claiming to be the defender.

The imposter sent Cunningham a photo of the centre back (left) from the internet and claimed to be him

“I feel physically fooled by him and had sex with someone who claimed to be someone he wasn’t.

She went on to explain in a further tweet that the couple were not in a ‘full-blown relationship’ which is how he managed to keep up the guise, adding: “I know I’m not that clever”.

Davies who signed for the Tigers from Birmingham last year, lives with his girlfriend Laura Dearn, 25.

Hull City declined to comment on the revelation.

-By Daily Mail