• Karago

    Message to the Kenyan Troops in Somalia – WE ARE FIERCELY PROUD OF YOU!  May GOD protect you and give you victory!

    • Surad1960

      are you proud of crossing to someone’s backyard? what a madness!

  • Latonesha

    Kenya Defence Force, hammer the living daylights out of those Al-Shabab nutheads.

  • Anonymous

    As much as I support our troops, I am not sure of the skewed reporting of what is going on in Somalia. Major E. Chirchir has given an impression that we have sent supermen to Somalia, with almost no casualties, even though they have killed “hundreds of combatants”. The incredible explanation given for the bombing of an IDP camp in Jilib is also another worrying sign.

  • Mak_olocho

    We are behind you our ladies and men in uniforms. A soft request letter also goes to the Kenya Goverment to cut all ties with Asmara over allegation of arming the ragtag forces with immediate effect. In God we trust the victory is looming and hope this time TFG prezzo will not behave as also a shareholder in Kismayo port. 

  • Maiklmk

    Tuko Pamoja, Our Prayers are with You, Move ahead

  • Lol, Kenyans can’t fight at all. How about bombing the shipments of arms instead of IDPs camps?

    • spot on farax, instead of turning this into a PR drama, just bomb the plnes and the arms loaded then exlain to us, its at such times i hate being a kenyan, one tend to wonders what is the strategy if there is any at al????

      • Smmmm

        One wonders if you were made the general in charge of the war what strategy would deploy ! Just like the expects of football who use the remote to score !

  • LtWanjosh

    My parents paid a bribe to help me join the army. I never knew that we would be send to Somalia 10 years ago when I joined the army. I am really scared and will like to surrender or run away but there is no-one to surrender to and nowhere to run. Al Shabab has simply buried its weapons and melted into the local population. No one has any idea of who is Al Shabab and who isn’t. Nobody knows when they will dig up their weapons and decimate us. I don’t want to die in Somalia. I would rather be with my beautiful wife or the neighbour’s wife right now.

    • Jimmy Mwakio

      coward a*s and you mention to us that you are in the army…ama you are among the few homos who join the army for the thrill of using your gun to shove up yours?

    • Ojigonet

      people like you are pretenders, losers and a burden to our nation. who the hell told you to join the army when you have a chicken heart! we have brave men and women fighting for us in somalia who shall overcome the enemy , and you are not one of them.we should have let a KK security guard  to go fight for us in your place.you are an embarrasment, no wonder your parents paid a bribe for you to become a soldier,coz you wouldnt have made it, come back home and go to be mummied by wife.

    • lteanjosh…let me geuss, first your of somali decent second and more obviously your very stupid, your IQ must be really low. next please re-read your comments before posting them….bure kabisa

    • Edgems4

      Lots of cheap propaganda…….Let it be known.We will kill those alshabab idiots to the last hopeless pig.Go KDF go!!!

  • Major General.

    LT Wanjosh coward person what are you doing thereif all you thinking is your neighbours wife lol…. we didnt ask you wheather you paid a bribe or not thats your job to protect we Kenyans na kwani ukilipa bribe you didnt understand what it means to be in a KDF?

  • Anonymous

    KDF should not allow weapons to be brought into Baidoa but should instead shoot down enemy cargo planes. Another strategic move should involve destroying the runway at Baidoa, Kismayu etc.

  • Anonymous

    inaitwa propaganda – its a strategy in war. on more serious issues ours is a disciplined force not anywhere near the ragtag Alshabbab. So go on boys and girls and decimate these criminals. As for Eritrea you will live to regret arming  terrorist group. Remember the whole world is fighting terrorism

  • Kimdavie

    these plane should be bombed down b4 reaching their destiny

  • Surad1960

    Even though our territorial integrity is compromised,our pride as nation is at stake and our people are under grieve of loss of loved ones,but we are still resilient and stand strong. we are Somalia a country that is visible in Africa geographically,strategically and our looks are unique.we were the first African country that a colony used aerial bombardment,we fought with imperialism and we are known for that. we have had issues in our society and we are trying to figure out ways to cope with it. Al-shabab are simply a brainwashed Somali Kids with an average age of 14-19 and they are not a trained and well-equipped military men,however, they are taking on Kenya, Ethiopia and even the US what a surprised! i am not a fun of their ideology nor favour their presence in our society but i strongly believe the idea that every parent should discipline their kinds not to ask hand for their neighbours, we are dealing with the Shabab , we will defeat them on our own, we know were their roots are and we shall uproot them. i dont think we dont need the KDF to gate crash and go on a  killing spree. bear in mind that every pullet fired by the KDF is a bullet to our hearts because we are so sensitive to foreigners and for your own information to those of you who think that the KDF is superman and have God’s state of the art weapon tech, you are day dreaming, make sure you research your own army facts, the KDF is so corrupted that they buy second hand Russian helicopters, second hand jets from Jordan,artillery from Britain used during the WW2 and old Tanks. iam sure if Somalia was still in shape we would have surpassed your army and we will lead African. that is not the case now all we want is you to get the hell out of our land.peace up!

    • Kamaa

      You, I imagine you are speaking from somewhere where you are a REFUGEE. Can’t you get serious for one and open your eyes to why noone wants to intervene in Somalia is coz its juz a poor pathetic nation, Its such a shame for someone to say that the defeated Ethiopia and USA …. Pls wake up and smell the coffee, if Ethiopia wanted to annihilate you they wd do so in less that a week, bt am sure they thought all for WHAT? juz a desert poor state with no infrastructure? Look and see where there are resources wars are won in 1 year case study Libya! The only reason Al shabaab keep fighting and noone intervenes is that Somalia adds zero value to the world! And Kenya is only there to protect its sovereignty.

  • Surad1960

    Shabab claimed that they get their weapons and ammunition from the AMISON and TFG and my own family members in Mogadishu told me that the somali police sell their arms to them so you are caught up in a storm that you cant get out of. this is TIA( this is Africa) if you have money even the president will kiss you arse. we are all corrupted mates. i hope that we learn from each others mistakes and not correct a mistake with a mistake as in Kenya’s case today.

  • Haroun Koroma

    kenya you see the saying goes if you lay dawn with fleas you will get up with it .these shabab guys killed people who where watching world  cup in a pub,you did not do any thing, may be it did not  affect the president interest. so why now?

    • Anonymous

      Vision 2030 section 2.9

  • Calamid_mulabis

    we have been waiting the kenyan troops more than three weeks to librate us now!. are you that slow or you are struggling  with mud only?. every somali is ready for you. there are no some thing called al-shabab terorrists,  its a propaganda term. but if you want the truth, al-shabab are somali youth, all born in somalia, they are muslims and they are our children, we teach them islam that way. they have to defend their country, their people and their religion. and they must die for that.
    kenya has some thing that we dont have, like peace, system, goverment, health system, law and order but we dont have any thing to lose. peace be smart or you are welcome to the war that we have been in since 1977. we believe that can contenue another 35 years. most of the  youth of al-shabab are in war period. we know what is waiting for us, but do you? i wish you understand me!

    • Kamaa

      Kenya is not going to liberate you. You seem to have a refugee mindest, why not liberate yourselves or you are just cowards being rules by rogue teenagers perpetrating a foreign war.

    • Guest

      The youth should be learning, enjoying life, growing and preparing for leadership, but I guess you don’t see that for them…. “and they must die for that.” 
      ” we don’t have any thing to lose” – that’s nothing to be proud of.

      “we believe that can contenue another 35 years” – and get to where?

      perhaps what you need is less death and more building, so you can have Kenyan things like “peace, system, government  health system, law and order” and I’d like to add one more…

      “i wish you understand me!”

      An education system! If you want to be understood you have to spell correctly and use better grammar.

  • Kim

    The comment by the Kid in the army is a propaganda by Al-Shabaab Somali. Don’t buy it.
    IF the the world knows for sure the weapons were from Eritrea, someone should be bombing their bases right now! This is a serious issue and anyone supporting terorists should be punished.

  • Somaliforlife


    Message to the Kenyan Troops in Somalia, you will pay for this
    stupid move very rigorously.. Just like the Ethiopian in the 70s…. Bad move Kenya. 
    TO Nairobi

    • Kamaa

      Who’s paying now, poor malnourished fighters have died in their 100s. So for every Kenyan dead, 100 somalis die, don u value ur lives you live like animals, we will finish u! You behave like lil boys. Where are you writing this from anyway, am sure ur a refugee.

  • LtWanjosh

    i just want go come back home.i don’t know what we are doing here. i don’t want to die just because some white people were kidnapped. Kenyans get killed each day by Oromo and we do nothing. but some whites get kidnapped and we are send to war. i don’t want to die for nothing. i got a wife and kids. we joined KDF to be career soldiers, retire and go home. everybody in my platoon wants to go back home. what are we fighting for?

    • Once you joined the army, you become the lucky few in this world who are paid to die. You earn a salary for a career with two outcomes in a war.-Either live or die. Armed forces is never meant for those afraid to die but  unfortunately, some people even had their parents take up loans to buy for them positions to be recuited into the army and when the reality downs on them , they suddenly remember that they don’t want to die- That is life.