• Mimi

    Now wakina Gesami are working in cohorts to swindle funds meant for the youths?  You see, what I dont understand is  why this champion of “cleaning curruption” is still standing ?.  Money is stolen from his basket, and he is telling us that it will be refunded?  From whose account? and what happens to those who took that money?  Slap them on the wrist and continue business and usual?  Bwana RAILA, it is time you walk the walk, otherwise you coil that “rolly pop ” of yours and never again open your mouth that someone else is corrupt.  I dare you to resign if you are man enough since that has always been your forte.  Its is bitter when it comes to you, but sweet on others. Bullshit!

  • Mimi


  • kon

    corruption in kenya is fought only if it is the political foe who is accused. the fight remains a political weapon no more no less. champions become pschophants if one of theirs is touched. who will save kenya from these hypocrites?

  • michael

    G7 group bitter because they realize there is nothing more to hang on. Even with all the facts they still refuse to accept that a chance to pin down the pm is gone by because there is nothing in all the noise they have been making.Attacking the pm or not wont make any difference.The g7 bigwigs know there is nothing to claim as such they decided to to keep quite only the foot soldiers who know nothing hoping to make political mileage from the pm are shouting

  • Frnzyka

    we have various classes of mps A PLUS engineers,proffessors,lawyers and accountants.there are also groups  of  the same upto Cplus.GROUP 2 then we have the diploma accountants,headmasters,pharmasists and career civil servants turned polticians,GROUP 3 the business moguls turned politicians thru powerful political connections they aquired wealth they r in parliament for power n impunity to protect their wealth.finally the last GROUP 4 comprises of certificate holder of high school n collage drop outs,family voters sympathy.KENYANS look at your mp n rate him/her n you will know y he/she either contributes in reasonable debates pisitively or negatively in the house or just likes 2 shout in funerals n harambees without facts or does things to be seen to be doing sthng.finally you should know if your mp is his own man or another mps mouthpiece,bodyguard or ballboy following him like a sniffing dog shame on you if you still love him n shame on him coz he has no business being called a mheshimiwa

  • michael

    Kudos to capital FM at least you people choose the correct way to go and post the PM’s speech other than try to misrepresent it as other media houses try to do.You at least posted the World Bank statement last week when other media house choose to ignore it total or misrepresent it.The truth shall set you free. Kudos Capital FM.



  • Paul Langat

    Our money is always lost through such dubious means such as kazi kwa Vijana and our leaders are just sitting on their backs. an these trend vanish once and for all or else all of them face the votting block and back up and go home.

  • Langatpaul

     Stop stealing our money on the pretext of KKV

  • Amare_16

    When i hear Ruto and company speak against Raila, I love Raila more because they appear like clowns on stage desperately trying to force laughter from their sympathetic audience. The Rutos of this country use Railas name as their oxygen, they always miss the point by shadow boxing all the days of their lives……….