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Diaby to be turned to sitting midfielder


DIABY-RED-BULLLONDON, September 25-Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has confirmed he intends to convert Abou Diaby from an attacking playmaker to a deep-lying midfielder.

The Frenchman has been plagued by injury during his time with the Gunners, suffering no fewer than 40 setbacks of a varying nature while managing just 41 appearances over the last four seasons.

He made his umpteenth return from the sidelines on Tuesday during the 2-1 Capital One Cup defeat against Southampton, managing 67 minutes and doing enough to impress his boss.

And, Wenger feels a change in role will best suit the middle man, saying: “I will try to transform him (Diaby) because he was injured and has the physical potential to win the challenges.

“To face the game will be easier for him than to play back to goal with the injuries he had.

“I’ll try to develop him in a deeper role. I think he can do it, he can be very interesting, has all the attributes,

“He must love it as well because he’s more of an offensive minded player.”