• Anonymous

    I for one I’m not satisfied, there needs to be investigation into what happened. If we made an intelligence blunder we need to admit it, however if the al-shabab are turning to psychological warfare we also need to know.

    For the sake of the Kenyan Defence Force, it sounds unlikely it would target a internationally known famine refugee camp. It just doesn’t make any sense.
    On the other hand the story about the ‘battle waggon’ just sounds odd, I would think any present witnesses would easily distinguish between an exploding battle waggon and an Arial attack.

    we may afford shells and munitions, but one thing is priceless, the support of the somali people…

  • Mandanny

    The beginning of the end for the Kenya Military adventure in Somalia. Now innocent Kenyans in Nairobi should also expect to experience what innocent Somalis are experiencing when misguided Kenyan missiles attack innocent refugees. I have always wondered how the fight against Alshabab could be won with the 1950s Ukrainian military jets and helicopters that Kenya has. Kenya did a very bad mistake going for Alshabab in somali and leaving them right here in Eastleigh. 
    An Al shabab revenge attack in Nairobi and Mombasa will be swift and very painful to Kenyans compared to what the military is doing to innocent somalis refugees.  

    • VigilantKenyan

      The goverment should be looking 4 you right now coz with that talk you are bringing in here, everybody can tell you ar one of those damn Al Shabaab sympathysers.

    • Caveman 2duelcore

      By the way mandazi, the Kenya Armed Forces are one of the most disciplined and professional armies in the world, they are always called upon to help to maintain peace in different parts of the world, we are so proud of them. To answer to your comments, about 1950s jets, we had F-5s way back in the ’70s now the Kenya Air-force has a fleet of more than 100  F-16s and an unspecified number of Super Hornets made in USA dig that? The first day Kenya entered Somalia through the Ras Kamboni area, just one  F-16 blast with pin-point accuracy was enough to make Al-Shabaab surrender.  Your  camels we know existed more than 4000 years ago and that is what you used to raid neighbouring towns whenever you wanted free cows and goods .In the 1970s and 1980s Kenya was perenially faced with  ‘shiftas’ (a polite word for bands of  thugs across the Kenya-Somali borders) Is this what you will use inflict fear upon our nation? Whether you blow yourselves up or not in our cities the fact is that Al-shabaab will be sifted like chaff and ground like powder. We will add al-shabaab leaders to osama bin laden and other international criminals. listen up mandazi , you have no place in the 21st century

    • Mochesa

      vigilantkenyan this guy is not a sympathizer, he is al-shabaab himself…people who think they can mess with other people(even kill them) then scream diplomatic solutions!!!!!! we are truly sorry to the innocent kenyan or somali somalis that are harassed over this but you, dear al-shabaab, do not get to dictate how we react!

    • Geekomz

      You need to be traced. I think you have more information about al-shabab.

      • mandanny

        Trace me?? You are a fool to think that the government doesn’t know where Al shabab is. Did you hear Hon Onyanka saying that the Government has been negotiating with Al shabab? The goverment clearing knows who Al shabab are and  where they are and what business they operate in Kenya.

  • hellen

    MSF has an issue with the Kenyan operation in Somalia… They opposed it from day one, and wanted to negotiate with the terrorists and pay ransom (their statement said they preferred a peaceful release of their kidnapped staff). Payment of ransom creates a vicious circle where you get more and more kidnaps! I do not think that the Kenyan military would wait until day 15 or so of their war to start targeting civilians – the Kenya Defense Forces should be commended for the restraint they have shown so far in avoiding a pit-bull approach to the whole thing (sort of what has been witnessed in conflicts elsewhere where “collateral damage” victims outnumber militant deaths). Do not hide the truth of what is happening in Somalia, but don’t deliberately create aspersions against the Kenyan forces either!!!!!

  • Ngarimuriuki

    i just like the mandazi thing but am not aware when kenya military got hold of  f-16 jets, in fact, kenya only has f-5 tiger jets the other jets like f-16 are vision 2030 for kenya. 

  • Justintvb

    lets gets these faceless cockroaches !!!! who use fear tactics to control the poor somali people 
    100000000% with our kenyan troops 

  • Ngugicken

    where is kenya human rights?the body that only shout when a police person get killed and goes quiet when a thug is shot.they need to rise up and negotiate for alshabaabs rights