• Faimacon

    Heko bwana General. Be sure majority of us Kenyans are 100% behind the military action against al shabaab.

  • Owende

    Kenya learnt a bad lesson from USA and now invading other countries. The time is now when weapons should be converted to plough shears. Reasoning with others has never ended badly but fights always end up badly. This war is a waste of resources and I will keep saying this till the end. The problem is that even in the end no one will tell Kenyans how much money has been spent. Some one is benefiting from this financially for 2012.

    • Lucas


  • toozii

    Owende you will leave longer only because you are a coward. what did you expect? seat back and watch our country being run by terrorists? and just to correct you we are not invading do your research. this was long overdue, it is expensive but if its the effective way out expenses a side. 

  • Surad1960

    i totally agree with Mr Owende, as a Somali expatriate there is nothing more than i could like to see Al-Shabab been terminated,but the brutal reality is that the gun point is not the solution to their problem, they are mad and brainwashed youngen who believe in nasty ideology embeded with hate for life and humanity. they are like virus and you cant cure a virus with anti-biotics but you can treat it with remedies and i think the Somalis are extensiely working on finding that remedy on their own, they have asked  Kenya for a hand in other roles,but not a direct military intervention because that is going to get these bastards more sympathy and rrespect. i respect the Kenyan people for what they did for the somali refugees over the years and i think we would like you guys to respect us. as a believer of Pan-AfricanIsm and inter-govermental relationships in the continent and in the horn I wish that there were no borders between us so that we coexsist peaceful side by side and collaborate.