• Kim

    How come we do not hear of Russia, China,etc, when we are discussing bad guys. Do they ever try to do what is right for human beings, or they always think of US involvement. Seriously, China is our friend (as long as we are opening Business avenue for them), but when it comes to protecting Somalis and Kenyans, as well as our tourism industry, they don’t care. What kind of friends are they? Look at anything to do with helping the Egyptians and Libyans from the dictators, or helping Somalis and Kenyans dying of hunger and Al Shabaab making it worse for them, they do not talk! Do they care for people ( apart from Chinese and Russians?). I thought we were all trying to make the world a better place for everyone!

  • Alisudi

    the somali government should better make its stand understood…..its useless under the circumstances for a prime minister and a president to differ on an issue as sensitive as the  alshabaab threat.

  • Mungiki ReLoaded

    THAT, a rag tag un-trained army of thugs can engage our forces in a fierce battle speaks volumes about the training of our forces. I think the best tactic will be for the Kenya forces to retreat (or run away) whenever they come face-to-face with Al Shabab and let the US drones bomb Al Shabab into smithrens. I don’t think Kenya can win this war. Not now, not ever.

    • Mungiki ReLoaded

      or the Government can send us in.

      • Good idea – send the Kenyan  menace to be taken care of by the Somali menace…brilliant!

      • MSALENDO

        @mungiki you think Alshabaab can be killed by pangas. @mungiki you are just abunch idiot!!! idlers who used to eat from what other pple have worked for b4 MICHUKI crashed you like pinna-nuts.Kwekwe squad pliz do your work.TO OUR TROOPS WE WISH YOU SAVE AS YOU ARE BUSY FIGHTING THIS GANGS.GOD GIVE THEM STRENGHT TO SAVE OUR COUNTRY 

      • Latonesha

        I really wish the government would do so! Talk of killing two idiotic birds with one stone!

    • Diddlesdiddle

      you are speaking with a lot of naivety. america with all its dollars and military might were not able to achieve what kenya has achieved in 9 days. ”inchi yetu ya kenya, tunayoipenda, tuwetayari kuilinda” does that ring a bell to you..what was your name again?

  • emanuel

    @mungiki nowonder thats y you ar a militia, beba panga basi ukapigane na wao bladi

  • Alfredsoita

    I comment our military ;let us pray for them

  • John k

    mungiki reloaded you are an enemy within, when your country is at war you stand by them but you wait after war then criticise if need be. I am sure kenya is winning the war.

  • Miriamwacheke

    May the Almighty God lead our Army. We hope for the best.

  • Da reverend

    these people love death the same way we love to party.so just think of that n be ready

  • Mandanny

    The government should show us the bodies of the dead Al shabab for us to believe them. Without that we can never take the rubbish they are trying to feed us. They could be giving us the number of those somalis killed by drought and famine.