• Mimi

    I knew the kenyan government is a bunch of wimps.  My gut tells me that this government is backing down!  Dont look like a bunch of girls…. The kenyan military is mighty!  Are you guys afraid of war, just because a few people have lost lives???? Guys, go all the way!  dont tell us you are neutralizing the ability of the AL-SHABAB!  Crash them, KILL them whenever they may be hiding, in the HOLES, in CAVES, in HOUSES, in BUSHES etc etc.  All I want to see is corpses of those militias ( AL-SHABAB ).  If you back down in an operation you started, Kenyan military will look cheap, weak, unprepared, and a career force.  I would have prefered that after you crash those idiots, STAY in Somalia for 5 years when the Somali transitional Govnmt takes roots.

    • Demaloba

      Can you imagine what museveni will think of us if we withdraw the soldiers? Is burundi better than us after loosing the said 10…70 or 150 of their men in uniform and are still in high spirits to go on?

  • mdadisi

    If you have some spokesmen like Alfy who thinks this is just another shooting episode of ‘cobra squad’ series and police commish like Matayo of ‘my mboys’ and a security Minister like bombastic Orwa of the mother of all operations, and our physiologically disconnected Prof, and a foreign affairs and defence ministers that appear to have gone under the table after a ‘near’ miss in Mogadishu, what we have is a comedy of errors!! It is the wrong time to go to war for a ‘collision’ government!! I hope our men and women in uniform do not hear this – it is very demoralizing.

  • Al Bashir

    At the dawn on this military campaign Kibaki went M.I.A. Some people called for him to show leadership, address the nation, state our goals, reasons and what we aim to achieve in Somalia. of course others pulled the tribalism card and claimed he was being attacked unfairly. He delegated his sole task as C-in-C to ministers and spokesmen who are reading from different pages.
    This my friends is what you get for having an absentee president. A country at war and no one can give you a straight answer as to what our objectives are…..SMDH … NKT bure kabisa.

  • Owende

    This war is misguided completely. It is similar to USA calling Afghanistan freedom fighters INSURGENTS. In this case Somali is their country so when you fight them, where do you expect them to go? They will fight till the last man is dead and then Kenya will be counting losses and asking why we had to go that far in the first place! Bring the Kenyan soldiers back for this is a waste of human resources and money that could be used else where. Stop the war! 

    • Joseh

      I beg to disagree with you. This war is very necessary. These are terrorists not freedom fighters. It is one thing for them to terrorise people in Somalia but when they cross our borders and attack people on Kenyan soil then we have a problem. They have negatively impacted on our economy and someone needs to put a stop to them. This country will always have issues as long as Somalia is unstable. Where do you think all these gun trotting criminals are getting their weapons to cause insecurity in this country? These people are a menace and we need to bring an end to their ilk once and for all!!!

      • upuzi_tele

        Glad to hear from you that the illegal guns in Kenya come from Somalia. I do not think this war is necessary. What the government ought to do is to stop Al Shabab at the border and prevent them from entering into Kenya or bring illegal guns into Kenya. And if there are others who have crossed into Kenya why can’t the government arrest them and deport them back to Somali or even jail them for engaging in criminal activities in Kenya? That way we will save alot of money and crime will be down. I do not even believe that the Kenyan army is able to stop Al Shabab. You do not kill a snake by hitting it’s tail. The snake’s head is in Kenya not Somalia.

        • Faimacon

          This war is very necessary and should not stop till the last soul of al shabaab militant is wiped out! Guys, don’t chickened out since have lost 5 officers; any war must have casulties. Kenya is not a playfield for these mannerless militants!

  • Mandanny

    What a waste of resources.
    Why would a poor country that cannot feed it’s citizens go to war?
    The next thing you will hear is 80% of the populations lives in less than a dollar a day.

  • Angry

    my goodness….we are now negotiating with terrorist gangs! what kind of leadership is this? and here i was thinking that for once,we are taking a stand and taking action to rightly defend our borders! By approaching the goverment Al Shabab showed that they know they are loosing the fight. I urge the government to stand by the people of Kenya and do its duty by us. Your actions are an utter betrayal!

  • DM-Nairobi

    Fellow Kenyans, you simply don’t get it. These Al Shabaab so-called “bombings” and military offensive are all fake. The government of Kenya or senior elements within it are clearly behind these gimmicks. Using the guise that we are “at war”, they have an eye on postponing the 2012 elections in order to protect the Ocampo six from facing justice at the Hague. Logically, any terrorist group worth its name would have attacked the Intercontinental, the Hilton, the Norfolk, Westgate or better still Gigiri’s Village Market for maximum publicity and damage. Not some obscure pubs in downtown Nairobi! These “bomb attacks” are clearly stage-managed by the Kenyan state. You can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool everyone all the time.

  • Pokol

    This is a government of wimps! Sometime back an honorable mp from Northeastern said that there are no foreigners in Eastleigh. When security PS ordered audit of properties owned by foreigners in Nairobi, an MP from the same region protested terming it ethnic profiling. If the govt can be intimidated on such matters where are we headed. It is clear some elements even in the government is benefiting tremendously from the chaos in Somalia