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  1. I hope the security situation referred to is in regard to AL-SHABAAB. The victims are still in camps and no one cares.It seems the “so called witnesses are now more important than thousands” my family included still languishing in camps.This is the strangest case ever argued where “THREE PEOPLE CONSTITUTE AN ARMY-OR SO MOCP -MEMBERS OF COMMON PLAN “. This leaves only two options-EITHER CONFIRM THE CHARGES FOR EACH THREE MEN OR DECLINE TO CONFIRM FOR EACH.You cannot LEAVE out any one person of the three since they have no “individual case”.If Muthaura  did not “make a call-Ali did not receive it- Uhuru did not know of it YOU MUST ACQUIT ” .If Ruto did not hold a meeting then Kosgei did not attend and you must acquit.If you confirm for one – you must for the other two persons in each case.So there is nothing to wait for.THIS IS ICC FOR YOU.TAKEN THE LOWEST DENOMINATOR IN LOGIC.   

    1. Francis, I am always amazed by scum like you. Where does scum like you crawl from? How can you spew moronic ignorance tinted with absolute stupidity in the name of ‘reasoning’. Since you are clearly incapable of any logic, and are only interested in seeing your tribal goons freed, why don’t you compose a praise song for them instead of polluting virtual spaces with your imbelicic pretences of ‘thought’?

      1. What are you referring to? The six people are my tribesmen? You cannot even READ what the post says and are ready to EMPTY THE EMPTY SPACE OF  your head here? As a living victim of the PEV  i can only say GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR gods that you so FAITHFULLY serve.

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