• Collinsom

    this guy doe’snt look like a terrorist look for the real accomplishes

    • JB

      MAD KENYANS!!!!!!! Kwani mnataka nini????????????/ If the gooverment arrests someone you say its a fake suspect. If they dont arrest anybody, you say the police force is whack. Mnataka nini???????????????????

      • DM-Nairobi

        C’mon JB. Don’t tell me you can’t see through the gimmicks. Since when did the Kenya government act with so much efficiency? The whole thing is clearly a set-up to add weight to the equally fake “war” in Somalia. The thing to be worried about is just how desperate some fellows have become to stay in power and avoid elections next year. If we are not careful, we might find ourselves with the same government deep into 2013 with the elections being put on hold due to some fake war! This will cause internal instability.

  • Omumarama

    why would this guy pleady to all the charges? something fishy here. Could he have been paid to be the fall guy?

  • Hotpotato

    Has he said where he got the ammunition from? The police should zero in his friend immediately as he know them and where they are. After this is done, hang the man to death, tit for tat. He killed and injured innocent citizens.  NGOMBE hii Elgiva Bwire Oliacha alias Mohamed Sei.

  • Kiala

    I dnt believe this story. We still want to see the real Mohamed arrested. This looks like a grand cover up and the police should move swiftly and very fast and get this criminals. This guy comes from Bundalangi…..

  • Al Bashir

    LOL this is a cock and bull story. A first arraignment is usually for the mentioning of charges. A suspect does not enter a plea at this stage. This is a set-up, stage managed by the police so as to relieve public anxiety and fear. How come the police covered his face during the arrest? When has that ever happened before?

  • upuzi_tupu

    This guy should be in Mathare and not in a police station. They find a mad man then claim that he is a terrorist after convincing him to accept all the charges. What a useless police force. Kenyans are not stupid, they know who the real terrorist are. 

  • Tupac250cent

    sk any person from Dandora n he will give u more info abt this guy his friend was arrested yesterday in a dramatic way

  • TheidiotuthinkIam!

    Hahaha ndanganya toto jinga sumuni na ndururu ongeza peni moja…ishidwe omusakulu tangu lini kawa al shapap hehehehe get the freakin real guys and stop acting in Alfred Mutuas movies. Hii ni war propaganda! The way he is smiling with the cops eish!! Atii Guilty, guilty guilty..uyu ni escapee wa mathare!

  • Miriamwacheke

    r there other ways of fighting the Al shaabab? am fearing for the lives of all Kenyans.

  • Saruriet

    Hiyo ni vioja mahakamani. This is not real

  • John kyanda

    good story that why  capital leds and others follow i dont need to watch tv after reading the storties on such an informative site .as for mr elgiva kwaheri go and roat in kamiti

  • I smell a rat

  • DM-Nairobi

    Fellow Kenyans, you simply don’t get it! These Al Shabaab so-called incompetent “bombings” and military offensive are all fake. The government of Kenya or senior elements within it are clearly behind these gimmicks. Using the guise that we are “at war”, they have an eye on postponing the 2012 elections in order to protect the Ocampo six from facing justice at the Hague. Logically, any terrorist group worth its name would have attacked the Intercontinental, the Hilton, the Norfolk, Westgate or better still Gigiri’s Village Market for maximum publicity and damage. Not some obscure pubs in downtown Nairobi! These “bomb attacks” are clearly stage-managed by the Kenyan state. 
    The “convicted” guy was probably a death row inmate at  Kamiti who was given a “deal” to do the job and then come back to a life of luxury in the same jail. You can fool some people some time, but you can’t fool everyone all the time.