• Hotpotato

    Upuzi kabisa..stooge. No wonder mysteriously you got this job.

    Bure kabisa.

  • Omoshpaul

    look,we thought  he was gonna be a different AG,but he is just Wako, in different outfits,how can he yield to politicians,i would not be surprised if CJ,thinks like him…..Kenyans want elections as per the new constitution,not what politicians want…

  • koirotwet

    The more things change, the more they remain the same. Its what you would expect Amos Wako to say. The AG swore to defend the constitution and its interesting to note that he wants us to believe that the cabinet pushed the election date for genuine reasons. No rocket science knowledge is needed to understand why the cabinet wants the house term to be extended. Now we know why he had to be the AG by all means.