• Fredrickgituthu

    This is not convincing, I don’t thinks suicide bombers hurl grenades, I would expect them to wrap a suicide vest..

    • Pauln

      ha! ha! ha, in conclusion, the guy pulled the pin and put the grenade in his pocket to commit suicide. He never meant to hurt the others

  • i find it hard to buy this. modestly, tell me how is it possible for a person to toss a grenade to a crowd of people and none of the people dies except for him?

    • Anonymous

      I’m pondering the same thing, but I guess there could be some probable explanations here, after all maybe he had little knowledge of how to use the device properly (lack of training), and also if the device anything as rusty as the ones recovered in Kayole I would assume it could have gone off prematurely…

  • qusetions

    How come thewitneses said that a car drove by and dropped the grenade?

  • Ronsoft

    Something doesnt add-up!

  • Otma100

    bulls*&** story..

  • Wakigogoine

    MMMMM… @ Qusetions.. how could you believe that witness that said a grenade was hurled from a car. Taht place has traffic jam 24/7…

  • Tomdboss

    bsh*t story…two days and they have already concluded he was a suicide bomber? The FBI would take weeks

    • Peterkamau

      There we go…..!!

  • Anonymous

    Ok, Kenya Police. Thank you for letting us know he was a fake suicide bomber. Now return the Kayole grenades and other firearms back to the police store where they have always been.
    This corrupt Kenyan police really loves playing with Kenyans minds. 
    Since when did a suicide bomber hurl a grenade then die from it’s injuries?    

    • I wont be surprised that’s what have done,but keep up the good work the Kenya Defense forces in Somali Kenyans are proud of you.

  • As usual the police have to come up with a story when they have no idea what is happening like the usual exchange of  gunfire with toy pistols.Why should a person who is alleged to be an armed robber turn to be suicide bomber?The two are driven by two different mindsets the former is driven by easy financial gain the latter is driven mostly by misguided religious fanaticism and its very very difficult for one to transform to the other.
    The police should pull their socks and get to the bottom of the matter and not giving us “stories of giants” or get competent people who know what they are doing.