• NjengaKenya

    The systems have failed Kenyans. Turn on any TV channel  and just seat and wait for open immorality passing thru the air free for kenya children. Don’t you , who is in charge,  feel the shame. Yesterday I walked into a hotel for lunch before 1300hrs and right on the screen was a Kenya Channel airing  music with a nude lady laying on a nude man. What is the message?

  • ttoot

    I am at the cyber in town now watching a porn movie

  • Enos

    I think there is some form of laxity in the implementation and enforcement of the laws that protect children. These include the Children Act, Employment Act etc. I wish the MPs who have taken up the matter should ensure that the push is made and our officers on the ground take their active role. Children issues have been neglected on teh ground for some time now.