0 thoughts on “BOATENG-CITY”

  1. dumb fokojembe..wat a lousy excuse for bonking a donkey.and btw i wonder if the donkey was impressed by his size….u know donkeys but do i say?

  2. Uncleanliness on that man. There is no need to hear his basless claim that the protitute who is human could transformed into Animal.He does not only need mental examination but also spiritual examinations cancelling and deliverance is recommanded as well.May God forgive Him and save his life.

  3. this is all because of the science nonsense we are taught in schools.how do you expect a man to bhave after hez told he originated from some animal? this is normal bhavior to him. may God deliver him in Jesus name.

  4. Well, so be it, but I’d advise the guy to be as lame as possible at night and not make her too happy, if you know what I mean, since we know what a donkey’s ‘thank you’ (asanate ya punde) is.

  5. Such things happen in this world so take it the way it is.Many had happened like Mombasa, I myself hard seen in Tanzania, Nyabinda.

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