• Andrew

    Wow. People need to come to Christ and turn away from they evil ways. That’s the first statement that came popping off the top of my head.

    Andrew, SD

  • Lucas


  • smoke the bastards out!!

  • upuzi_tupu

    What a good PR for the police to show that the government was actually involved in the killing and maiming Kenyans trying to scare them to support their stupid incursion into Somalia.
    The government realised that Kenyans are getting angry with Somalis therefore the only way to stop the anger and hatred against Somalis is by arresting a Kenyan and displaying the guns and grenades then claim that he owned them. The goverment is actually the one that is commiting crimes against it’s people. They couldn’t arrest the guy who threw a grenade in Uhuru park, they couldn’t arrest the guys who blew up  a bus in River Road. How swift can they be to arrest a man only a day after the grenade attacks????

  • When Kenya is done with with al shabab all shall bow to Kenya

  • Jamka

    I wonder what do they mean when they say, ” Kenyan Man” …Not somali ? and somali kenyans are not kenyans?

  • Watch out, here come the cowards and al shabbab sympathizers…i wonder how long until they accuse the government of kidnapping tourists so as to flush out the scum that is al shabbab

  • Alfredsoita

    I thank our security agencies for the screening people at mombasa ferry,ALFRED.S.P.MACKTON

  • caveman2duelcore

    ‘Rusty investigations plus a RUSTY Kenyan police force yield RUSTY results’ should have been your headline. Everyone knows what happens when the famous Kenyan police go to do a search. They ask for bribes. That is what happens. They first harass then issue threats of deportation and finally when a bribe has been given the immediately release the suspect.

    I lived in Eastleigh sometime in ’99 till 2001 when the Administration Police together with the Kenyan Police made a 3:00 am ‘search for weapons’ All they did was waste people’s time and disturbing people’s sleep.
    Now look, you are endangering the lives of the Kenyan Army whom i have absolute great respect. You (Kenyan Police) are endangering the lives of the citizens of the country because of your thirst for ‘KITU KIDOGO’. Shame on you (Kenya Police) for giving our country a bad name. There too many rotten apples in the sack and it is time for a complete overhaul.By the way just watch v=kTeqM7FVMOA on you tube and you will realize that the only way to fight al shabaab is to search under the ground. They have built tunnels that run around the city of mogadishu. What will happen when one day we wake up and find they have dug a tunnel with an opening under the Kenya Air Force Base in Eastleigh? They will then take over the planes, bomb state house while politicians talk politics?We want the entire Eastleigh estate to be searched thoroughly. We will be satisfied only when you come up with weapons under those forex bureaus and mosques. Are you trying to make a statement that this local criminal went detonating his rusty grenades as soon as he realized that the Kenyan Army was in Somalia?You c’an’t just hoodwink the public any longer.You are selling our entire state to foreigners. You are selling our dignity, and you are selling the ability of our kids to enjoy a bright future. Shame on you Kenyan Police!!!!!!!!!

  • upuzi_tupu

    The police should now return those grenades from where they had stored them. We know they always put guns and bullets next to an innocent kenyan’s body to cover up their incomptence.

  • Mwangalendo

    Kudos to the GSU Recee Unit who have succeeded recently where the regular Police have failed.A comment from the police whether the ballistics from the exploded grenades matches that of the ‘rusty’ unexploded ones found in Kayole would have been a pointer that the police are on the right track and would have given some peace to the scared citizens of Kenya.

    If the arrested guy is one of the cell members that have been throwing grenades in Nairobi, then this is a good coup for the Police. If this is a smoke screen then the truth will reveal itself because the grenade attacks will continue. 

  • Pokol

    These are boys on the terror payroll. The terror infrastructure is still intact in Eastleigh continuing to make taxfree money for other terror schemes in kenya and Somalia. Until this head or engine is dismantled we will only be applying pain killers to a cancer. TERROR THRIVES WITH MONEY!MONEY!MONEY!Why cant the government marshal the police, KRA, immigration etc for a one thorough coordinated search of Eastleigh businesses. ORENGO SHOULD ALSO ANNOUNCE SUSPENSION OF PROPERTY PURCHASE IN CASH. What is central bank doing about all this laundering? The Forex bureaus should be thoroughly vetted. Then, and only then will we begin starving the monster.