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Blind: Van Gaal honest, not scary


DALEY-BLINDLONDON, September 16-Manchester United newcomer Daley Blind believes that Louis van Gaal’s brutal honesty is sometimes misinterpreted by outsiders.

Van Gaal is well known for his tough as nails approach, with the Dutchman not scared to speak his mind even if he ruffles a few feathers.

Blind, who knows Van Gaal well through their time together with the Netherlands, feels that the manager is simply honest about what he feels and that this can be good for players.

“He is not frightening – he is just honest,” Blind told the Manchester Evening News. “That can be frightening, but I like it.

“He is very honest to everybody. He knows what he wants and he knows his philosophy.

“He can bring that to the players and he can make a team with everybody in.

“I have really learned a lot from Van Gaal and I like working under him.

“He has helped me a lot and I hope to continue learning from him.

“I think he can make me a better player in terms of positioning, where to stand and tactics in games because midfield is an important position to play and I hope I can get better at it every day.”