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  1. this is the worst case of impunity, politicians acting like cowboys… who cares who took the cash for what reason,,, 900m for fuel… why not mpesa this cash 50k for the well needy vijanas in kenya… na vijana instead of asking for your money, you follow these fake politicians shouting and clapping for them…. the likes of sonko, waititu etc they need to wake up… can these youths tell the one in charge to pack and go and return the cash…  

  2. Raila is a master of self-destruction. hata one week haijaisha b4 another blunder

    “The most terrifying words in the Kenyan language are: I’m from the
    Kenyan government, of the ODM party of change, and I’m here to help.”

    ODOMO party

  3. This fired Ruto and Ongeri coz of corruption in their ministry, to allow investigation to take place. Will he step aside? Raila yawa, u r letting us down! We had very high hopes in you!

    Can MPs from Nyanza stop thinking Raila is PM from Nyanza region only!  Assuming the issue was misreported, can’t these PMs from Nyanza give a convincing reason?

    Raila and his team need to up their game, 2012 is just around the corner and Raila has started roasting himself!

  4. clearly this political campaign against Raila, sorry but this coming esp from Ruto can,t be trusted he plays politics much of the time, let the report come out fully then we shall know the truth…

    1. political campaign from World bank my foot! RAO must take responsibility! It has nothing to do with Ruto! This sounds like Kibera statement!

  5. political responsibilty is what we need nothing less.We r languishing in povert in nyanza at the expense of embezzlement of kkv funds.It has to stop.Okiya Omtata where a u?

  6. he clearly did not favour Ruto’s and Ogeri’s self defence, will he favour his own self defence and excuse himself from taking political responsibility? will he step aside for investigation or will he investigate and clear himsef? lets wait and see how the strict judge judges himself. or how the fighter of impunity fights himself.

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