• Kenyan govt rather be very cautious with the fight on terror in Somali,am currently in Somali watching events as they scafle .being an editor on tv content i see more than my eyes can consume,despite the good fight against the terrorism the best thing is for our govt to take tough measures within our boarder rather then crossing more than 50km across somali.its like waking the bees and no matter how cautious we are the sting might not miss and considering how suicide bombings happen here kenya, is not an exceptional.

  • Kamau

    Robert…I think you are missing the point. Securing the border(as much as this is important) is curing the symptoms  and leaving the root cause untouched. Its about time we move to the root cause, there is no better way to do that than to move to their  hideouts and render them unsafe for them as they have promised to make Nairobi unsafe for Kenyan, its about time they think hard before committing acts of any kind in Kenya. In my opinion this has been long over due. And I concur with you that Suicide bombing works in ways that securing the border will not eliminate that fact,  I know only too well being in the nerve center of this kind of activities (Baghdad).  And not even Kenya is an exception, but then again Kenya was not in Somalia when the 1998 bombings occurred , neither was it when the kikambala bombings happens nor when the Kampala coach bus was bombed in Nairobi. We cannot be held captive by fear, neither can we relent in our pursuit of the peace and stability we deserve.  Equally our Somali brothers and sisters deserves better from their neighbor and there is no better way to do it than to liberate them from this scourge. In so doing we shall be liberating ourselves. Praying for our troops tonight.

  • Sam Okumu48

     may GOD  bless and protect KENYA