0 thoughts on “RAMSEY-PALACE”

  1. This is serious,the Kenyan,Amison,TFG should adopt another style of fighting the Alshabab,if the choose guerrilla the we should also camouflage and add intelligence policy

  2. i will tell my kenyan brothers dont loose ur men in our country if u do so then u will see what we reallt are
    and u know before u took some of our land then u r here for sure we show u what fighting is about

    1. Shut up you jack-ass.One dead Kenyan soldier and there won’t be anything somali standing to talk about…Ndio mtajua malenge ni mboga!…NKT!!

  3. AlJazeera has reported this but says it cannot be independently verified. Most probably Al Shabaab is lying, and this is no reason for Kenya to relent in its resolve to wipe out these useless terrorists.

  4. @Zak. In any war, lives will be lost and that’s very unfortunate. However, humanity shall never condone terrorism of any nature. We have lost lives BUT this is a war we shall win. So advice your ‘brothers’, the Kenyan Juggernaut is coming through & they shall be crushed!!!

  5. Kenya military  is capable bringing peace to this war tone land,let them try killing any Kenyan then they will know the true colors of our people, 

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