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  1. I will say this in point form:

    1. When Ocampo came to Kenya i was among those who interviewed him and in response to my question he told me ” under the ICC witness Protection programme, i take the responsibility,the court protects its witnesses and they and their families can be sure they will be safe and their identities will never be known, its a system that works, no leakages and they can still pursue their dreams

    2. When a source tells me the truth,. i protect them with my soul, when they lie they deserve no protection

    3. Leaks in Social media Must be seen as a failure of the ICC Witness Protection programme and instead of threatening court cases and other legal means the prosecutor and his team should be fixing their system, when leaks happen we should take a broader view not closed approach

    i will be commenting more later

  2. That is why I say people are loosing it, there is something called responsibility, which some users lack, how can you dare expose names of protected witnesses whether they are or not, you know how bad things are in Kenya and you do that? thanks for exposing this, with facts, research and pointing out at issues that people either don’t know or are ignorant…Itumbi is ofcourse ignorant.

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