• Toni Kimeu

    Now this is the time for French troops to join our troos and TFG against Al-shabaab #justsaying

  • wololololo !

  • From Nigeria

    i hope the french take action against them.

  • Coxfedha

    Al Shabaab should follow Bin laden..they need to be wiped out into the Indian Ocean

  • jeff

    despite our kenyan gvt having slept so long on the job, they should show us that we can rely on them for our security. that poor woman had so much pain not to deserve such a cruel death far from home and her own family, pole to the family

  • Elle

    very sad!

  • Job Kiage

    It is absolutely terrible and unimagineable how ruthless and hostile these ‘croocks’ can be. They have no value for human life. They are beasts possessed by excessive evil spirits. Then why should they be spared?. Our guys on the ground should clear them and a new fresh crop starts again. Teach them a hard lesson that they will never forget. Let the rest of our neighbours learn a lesson and behave well. I pray for our soldiers. Job Bw’ Ombwori-Nairobi Kenya

  • kamundu

    so sad

  • Mazzdark

    French special forces are already part of the Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa whose official areas of responsibility are Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea, Djibouti and Seychelles. In fact Kenya’s invasion is a piece in this large picture.

  • Abunyiwa2000

    French you got to take a military action to Alshabab

  • Barorowu

    Depresssing. Disgusting! RIP

  • Bnnracer

    snipers needed