• Who is harasing the Good minister just ask her to explain the corruption cases facing her 

  • Hotpotato

    Why are they harassing you? Are they threatening you too? Do they know that there is a new constitution that guides them too? Can I come and shake their egos? All Kenyans should be treated equally with respect and dignity. Guys, be prepared for the shake-up any time…do not harass mama.

  • EACC has no mandate to ask anyone to record a statement on a criminal matter. I think they are taking the joke too far. If they dont have any evidence on corruption claims against the Water Minister they should just leave her alone!

  • sylvester maende

    He (VP) may not be an angel but he is if not should be a fellow Kenyan, fellow leader and a brother as u have been heard quoting. Am not a supporter of any of you but what you deed was not a show of any political maturity if political ethics was something to go by and should be vehemently condemned not only in you but in all people of this world.

  • Kenyayawakenya

    If  only Ngilu had shook kalonzo’s hand, it wouldn’t be an issue; she should yield to the wisdom of keeping ‘enemies’ close. Such pettiness.

  • Towet

    Hon Minister ,you won’t go any far with such conduct !

  • Cipa1712

    Answer for the corruption in your ministry or resign! 

  • Kimani muhoro

    Madame Waziri , give us a break ,stop the clowning for with clowns come the tears

  • ptule

    will she rush again to hospital  like the other timewhen corruption came knocking at her door,she is just painting women leadershipp with lot of shame

  • Paul

    Ngilu must come out clean on corruption charges. Such gimmicks won’t help. She should stop personalising issues. I wonder what would happen to us if  everytime one is caught in corruption use others as a scape goat.Please Mama answer corruption charges and leave Musyoka alone.


    kalonzo is harassing ngilu cos he has very very poor devlop record seen he went to the parliament in 80s

  • Kakyatune

    Please Kaluki i respect you but your behaviour is quesitionalble! Why all the time caught in wrong doing you blame Kalonzo Musyoka? Why can’t you go own your own way and clean yourself without blaming VP. Remember the water which you commissioned in Mutomo with PM, Where does that water come from? Was there money allocated to make bore hole for people of mutomo other than tapping water from Ikanga to Mutomo which is 20km apart. Do you know the out come for  people of lower river nzeyeu in future concerning Umaa Dam which is under construction Upper River Nzeyeu?  Stop political survival under excuse of other people.

  • Honest citizen

    I hear madam waziri has gone as far as trying to tarnish the names of some innocent  Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission officers by getting gutter press publications to write malicious stories about them .Madam kama ulikula ulikula you are not the first and shall not be the last. Stop trying to mess up the lives of honest tax paying  Kenyan citizens trying who just trying to do their jobs. 

  • Man Giddy

    I think Ngilu is jst tryin to deviate from  the reality.If she is trully innocent of the corruption stories in her ministry she shld co-operate and she will be free,and us as the public will also know that she is innocent.

  • Mazzdark

    Come clean, wacha kutupigia kelele…

  • Miriti

    Core function of EACC is to investigate corruption, common decency demands that they should do their work with professionalism and with decorum.
     In that regard, the right thinking Kenyans and generally the taxpayers who pay them salaries expect nothing short of according Hon. Kaluki Ngilu the respect she deserves.
    All and sundry know that Hon.Ngilu is being used as a sacrificial lamb. The EACC must, or rather should be, in a position to know and pinpoint who did what, where, how and when.
    As Hon. Mwangi Kiunjuri had put it, and rightly so, Kiunjuri said, “Corruption in Ministry of Water is deep-rooted” and with this, he meant that it was a culture which the Ministry had practised for eons.
    And if EACC is not willing to crack down corruption in this Ministry as they know it, then, WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For heavens sake, l EACC few facts;
    One; in most, if not all matters, concerning day to day running of the Ministry a
     Minister, Hon Ngilu included, performs some funcions on recommendation, guidance or  advice from implementers of policy on the ground, Professionals and Technocrats in that Ministry;  for the sake of Kenyans,  Please EACC, go for these three categories of officials – Do you know where they are? In case you don’t know, be informed that they are in Maji House, in the seven Water services Boards (you already know one – Tanaathi ), in the six Water Resources Management Authority and Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation Board (You already know this).
     Two; Madam Ngilu, is one of the good (if not best) representative of the people of Kenya Ministers, Do you remember why and how she earned the name (description) “Mama Rainbow”)?
    Three; Remember, Hon Ngilu has history, not just history, but untainted history – the best woman entrepreneur even before she joined politics, for this she deserves respect and treatment with dignity.
     If EACC are playing politics, if they are acting on behest of the powers-that-be, if their core function is cover up, cover up and cover up of the sleaze and the power-welding perpetrators of the rot, then God forbid!!, we are not getting anywhere in the fight against corruption.

  • Natkliet

    its a shame madam, you will regret later…shaking hand with somebody does not mean you support him.