• FedupKenyan

    These guys (al shabab) need to be beaten thoroughly and annihilated. They are of no benefit to anyone- not themselves, not their kin, not the world.

    I just pray our security forces are alert and we shall not have some of them blowing themselves up in our cities. NKTEST. 

  • Anonymous

    Al Shabaab provoked Kenya and now its pay back time, we are just started so better get prepared

  • Som Colourbuttter

    Go to hell alshabab, wajinga nyinyi. how can u cause havoc in our country and then when we are fed up and retaliating, you say ”we call on kenyans to reject the move by their government”. You destroy ua country kwa sababu za ujinga yenu alafu mnaongea matope hapo, fala nyinyi kabisa. 

  • patrick muliuki

    these terror groups al-shabaab?are out to spoil to kill and destroy,they are workers of devil,they are not ready to dialogue to lay down arms.to give peace a chance and make somali governable,according to me.the western countries and the un.i am apealling to them and i am telling them they have energy and the resources needed to make somalia governable state.they have demostrated that they can,they have evaded iraq afghastan,and finally they are in libya supporting rebells,they are trying to instil democracy at all possible.please help somalia.try alleviate human sufferring.many woman and children have lost their lives in somalia through perpetual infighting.   if we can afford to sit down watching helplessly without doing anything to change the situation,and we have energy and the resources,god will really punish us without any excuse,where there are human sufferring,its a global corncern not a country or an induvidual,wa are all involved?please let us try any means possible to have a lasting solution to somalia problem

  • Musa

    this illegal troops should be pushed and harrased.lets defend our country and territoy for us to manatain peace

  • Senoritadoroda

    At least now the Kenya government has decided to act albeit they have taken too long.We need to take strong measures against terrorism. Otherwise it will cost too Kenyan a lot of money in terms of investors. http://www.tusijisunde.com/2011/insecurity-what-are-we-doing-about-it/

  • the cynic

    Do we need to be sending troops into somalia? take into consideration that not kenyans were abduced by the purpoted Al shaabab insurgent (this being that they vehemently deny any of the accustions of abducting the FOREIGNERS) Dont get me wrong,i do appreciate their immense contribution to the tourism industry, but i feel we are being held at ransom and deliberately armtwisted into soiling our own hands by meddling in matters that dont concer us. In the history of such actions, the assailants always claim responsibility for the same,its what they pride themselves of(inflicting pain on others) several ships have been hijacked and nothing substancial has been done in terms of invasion and rescuing the hostages, they negotiate ransom,but now a british citizen is killed another abducted, a french citizen follows and two spaniards and we see the need AS KENYANS to go ahead and take the battle to them flexing our military muscles. Arent we just flirting with danger? Honestly if they decided to turn their war on us,until now they didnt have a problem with us,they just used our country as a conduit,will we be ready to deal with it? antime a bomb could go off anywhere and then what? we ask the US to build their counter terrorism unit in our soil and help us fight people we provoked? there is always a bigger plan to everything. Imagine, just imagine all these people as caualties of war, pawns,sacrificial lambs to make a bigger plan fall into place,will it be that stange?