• we do not need populist statements on educational affairs. Raila, please let education professionals handle educational matters. concentrate on politics!

  • Owende

    All over the world the exams and continuous assessment is the norm of grading students. I do not see why Kenya should deviate from this norm yet the country is producing international class students. Ask Tanzania where they changed things some years back and they will tell you it was a big mistake. You never find good number of Tanzania students competing for international positions at all.

  • Macassie22

    Raila be considerate to the learners with learning disability

  • Gaita

    If a PS thinks its the right move with more than half of the Kenyans who when through this 844 system what does a person who went through the Continuous assessment exams and whose children do as well through the GCSE have to say if it does not affect them?

  • Tomkipelian

    yes I support you for ur point,rao ur are our president come 2012

    Ole kipelian frm Namanga